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A number of Energy Management techniques have been noted to have interesting effects on the state of the user’s field. Even if your goal is not to manipulate your field (unless you have a good reason to do so, you probably shouldn’t try), reading this section is recommended so you can be aware of the potential effects.

Note: I originally didn’t try to explain what a “field” is because I can’t put it into words too well, but to try and ease some confusion I’ll give it a shot. A user’s “field” is a kind of aura around a person that shows up through scanning. I’m not entirely sure how things work with it, but it does connect to how well your energetic systems are working.


This is the best reason to attempt to manipulate your field. Your field can get damaged, dented, etc. It has happened to me before. Energy Management is kind of a form of psionic exercise, which means it’s great to stretch things out and get your field back to normal. Try to “cycle” your energy around, meaning move internally it around your body (be careful with the head, its sensitive to energy being moved there), back and forth for a while. You can also try a little bit of microcharging but it has to be on a full-body scale to do any good. Enough of this will hopefully stretch your field back into its normal form. Charging can help too but I won’t go too much into that since I didn’t tell you how to do it.


As I said before, your field to some degree represents the state of your energetic systems. That said, if you power-up using various Energy Management techniques the size of your field may expand. While I’m not too sure what all this does, it looks cool to people scanning you and is a sign that your energetic systems are working nice and strong. Since I’m not sure if this actually does anything other than look shiny, this section is really just so you know what’s going on if someone tells you that your field has grown in size after you just finished some Energy Management stuff. Its assumed that it shrinks back to normal after a while, or adept level users by now would probably have a field the size of Kansas.


Here’s the bad news: heavy use of Energy Management techniques can tend to give your field a bit of a chaotic nature. This is assumedly because the repeated use has both infused your body with a lot of energy and has shifted your field around multiple times. This is not a good thing, but unless it is a very extreme case it isn’t something dire to worry about either. The main concern is chaotic fields tend to accumulate clutter and dirt faster. Even if you don’t think this will be too much of a problem its recommended that you read an article or two about grounding and field maintenance.

Author’s note: these last two seconds pertain to the alternate meaning of Energy Management, energy efficiency, use, and conservation.

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