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The Energetic

The energetic domain is one which many psions are familiar with. It defines the energetic body, which can be considered the construct emanated by a person’s mind to interact with the material body. Hence, what will be used for exercises here are mainly variants of construct techniques. Keep in mind that these exercises are in a sense an extension of the mental domain techniques and using the mental plane techniques in conjunction with them will give best results, however; you may want to avoid this in some cases where direct mental contact with a target is contraindicated. Use your own judgement in this regard.

Exercise One: Overlays

An overlay is a construct laid over a part of a person’s energy body so it integrates into it and alters how it functions. You will need some kind of map of the energy body to do this, but that should not be hard since you can easily look up chakras, meridian charts and such online (and if you have a magically complete sigil set these can often be correlated with the body). If you do not have a map, what is called a ‘field overlay’ goes skin deep but can be useful and is ultimately what most shields and seals are if they’re on enough to become integrated into the field.

To create an overlay, first make a construct. Then imprint the programming for how you want the energy body to function into it. Be sure to be clear in your intent, remember you are going to be putting this inside someone and it may well affect them for the rest of their lives. Programming techniques can be anything you like though my personal love of sigils makes me want to recommend them. Once you have finished the construct, acquire your target, acquire the specific part of the energy body you will be overlaying, and then begin integration. One useful visualisation if you’re a visual type is to see the ‘colour’ of the aspect of energy body being altered to begin to change to reflect the construct to a moderate degree and then the whole thing ‘brightening’, reflecting energy being gathered to aid in the integration.

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