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The energetic body, or subtle body, has been described by some as the framework upon which the physical body exists.  I prefer to think of it as an essential part of the totality of a living being.  Just as our physical bodies exist in and interact with the physical “layer” of reality, the subtle body exists in and interacts with the subtle layers.  We describe reality as having layers as a means of classification only, so as to separate things out and make them more easily understood.  Your physical and subtle bodies occupy the same space.  Studying the energetic body is a good introduction to the planar theory many practitioners subscribe to, which is why I’ve saved discussion on the topic for this section.  While it’s not necessary to understand the different “layers” of reality, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a very basic understanding.

Physical reality is the most easily perceived for those with a physical body.  This stands to reason, as we have physical organs with which to perceive them.  Eyes, ears, etc, feed us information from our physical environment, giving us a window on the physical plane that allows for perception.  But we in the physical don’t exist on one layer alone.  We exist simultaneously on all planes.  When we deal with subtle energy we are dealing with energy that, for the most part, does not exist in the physical.  It can and does have an effect upon the physical, but it does not exist here.  Reality is often described as being made up of a certain number (it varies, depending on who’s doing the writing) of planes, starting with the physical and becoming more and more subtle, or less and less physical.  Most articles about the aura, or field, describe it as having several layers, and name them accordingly.  I’ll leave the specifics of the different bodies and their corresponding planes for a later article, and stick with those parts of the energetic body which are relevant to basic energetics and construct creation.

The energetic body as a whole takes up a great deal more space than the physical one.  Diagrams of the human field usually show the physical body at the centre, and the different layers of the field as radiating outward, the closest hugging the physical body and conforming to its basic shape, and the outer stretching out to form an oval which extends several metres in all directions.  The field is a part of the individual, rather than a plume of energy exuding from the individual.  What affects the individual affects the energetic body, and we therefore see the effects of diseases and injuries in the field.  Things like diseases generally show up in the field before they appear as physical symptoms.  The reverse is true of injuries; if you cut off your finger with a power saw, that would not appear in your field until after the event.  For this reason, aura reading is used by some healers to gauge health in a subject prior to healing.

The most dense part of the field extends a centimetre or so from your physical skin.  This is the most easily detected part of the field.  It is also the most easily manipulated.  One of the field’s functions is to act as a sort of shield, to keep out the majority of the mental noise.  Working with energy will enhance your senses, so it’s a good idea to enhance your field’s resistance to excessive input by putting more energy into it and willing it to become more dense.  This is a form of programming also, but in your field rather than a blob of energy.

The outer layers are more subtle, and thus more difficult to perceive at first.  By now you should be able to find your own way in exploring your field, so I’ll refrain from further exercises.

The energetic body is far more complex than this brief section has room for.  I suggest the reader conduct their own research for further information.

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