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Exercise Two: Adaptive Modifications

This is similar to the overlay mentioned previously except that it relies upon adaptive programming. You might wish to modify someone’s energy body so that it constantly adapts to find new ways to give the target increased psi energy for example. Simply create a construct,
using whatever implies fluidity and mutability to you(a liquid that ‘feels’ intelligent, a nanoswarm, a bunch of bacteria evolving or simply a chaotic polymorphic mass), tell it “it is your purpose to constantly adapt yourself, finding new ways to gather energy to <target name> so that they may increase in vitality with every second, so they may increase in power every second, that they always have more energy in one moment than they did the last”. (Editors Note: This is a recipe for overload/burnout if their system isn’t used to handling this much) Then allow it to flow into the target, seeing it and simply ‘knowing’/allowing/having a deep expectation that it is integrating into them in the exact way that best fits your intent.





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