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What is this ego spoken of in generally all spiritual, mystical, or occult practices? It is the false identity the mind creates. It is developed when you disassociate yourself from being anything more than an observer, an initiate seeking divine wisdom and unification. The ego is an infectious disease that spreads faster than the plague; it is the hardest to overcome because it is directly derivative from human thought, assumption and perception. It attaches itself like cancer to every thought or intention you have, creating clutter and eliminating the hope for bliss.

The ego is the driving force behind all judgmental behavior, a chaotic mind, arrogance, and generally anything “unholy.” When an individual is overcome by the ego, they find themselves continuously getting into trying circumstances they feel as though they have no control over. This is because the ego corrupts the mind and an average individual not seeking to understand this concept, would take their own thoughts, the loud and obnoxious mind, and it’s many character defects, as normal.

This presumption is a fatal flaw for anyone seeking to fulfill a higher calling, or to align themselves with the ineffable all, the ineffable nothingness. Without the absence of ego, an individual can never hope to attain a level of “perfection” associated as being “God in carnet.”

Our egos disrupt our lives in more ways that we would like to acknowledge. In our modern society, a technological and media driven world, we are faced with more temptations and influences on a daily basis than many of our elder relatives or associates ever had to face in their youth, though, influence has always been present and an inevitably challenging endeavor to overcome. Influence allows us a greater opportunity to over come it, triumph, and grow as spiritual beings.

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