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Creating Constructs

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for.  No doubt you’ve read up to this point before delving too deeply into the exercises in the past sections.  If you feel up to the task, go ahead and follow the directions for creating your first construct.  I do recommend, however, that the reader revisit the exercises described above and to continue practising them.  As much as I love the sound of my own voice, they were put here for a good reason.  Your construct work, and any energetic work you undertake, will be of far higher quality if you expend the effort and brush up on the basics.  That doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun first, of course, and it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t continue making constructs while you train.

The Method

Before you begin, perform the breathing and blank-mind exercises.  With time, simply beginning the breathing exercise will get you there, and you can spend a few moments relaxing in the blank state before starting work.  It’s definitely a good habit to get into, so keep practising.

Begin with your intent.  For your first construct, we’ll start with something simple.  The intent is for your construct to be highly noticeable.  It will be as “visible” as possible to your senses, so you can use it as a perception-building tool.  It will draw power from ambient energy to sustain itself, if required.  It will be spherical in shape.  It will exist for a duration of one hour, and will then cease to exist, its programming dissolved and any remaining energy dissipating.  To add to the intent, visualise your construct as a very heavy, very hard, perfectly spherical ball the size of a billiard ball. The ball glows with an inner light, though its surface is very cleanly and clearly defined.  It emits an electric sort of hissing, buzzing sound.  None of these are literal, of course, but serve to reinforce the intent that the ball is very noticeable.  We shall call it… Mini-Me! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)  We’ll name the construct “Attention Getter”, as its sole task is to be very obvious to your senses.

Name – Attention Getter
Form – Hard, glass-like sphere emitting a bright blue glow and a loud hissing buzzy noise
Intent – To be very easily and clearly detected by the psionic senses
Power – Ambient
Duration – One hour, unless destroyed earlier

Read the above table, and then re-read it.  Get the specs for your construct firmly in mind, its name, what it looks like, what it does.  This may take an instant, or it may take considerably longer.  In putting the associated information together, you are creating the construct’s blueprint.  You are creating the programming which will cause the construct to exist, and maintain its existence.  It may seem to take longer than you think it reasonably should to get it all cemented together, and if that’s the case just relax and let things happen in their own time.  Things will speed up with practise, and it’s more important to get it right than to do it quickly.

Once you’ve mulled over the design, visualise it in front of you.  It may help to visualise a vague, ghostly sort of outline of the construct’s form leaving your body (or even your head, if that helps) and floating out in front of you.  Gather energy from the immediate area and push it into the blueprint, seeing it become more concrete and solid, glowing with energy.  Continue doing so until you believe that the construct has sufficient energy, and then keep going for a little longer for good measure.  When making constructs, I usually have a sense that it is complete when I’m done.  Before that point, it feels unfinished.  If you dose the construct with a reasonable amount of energy, but it still feels incomplete, keep going until it feels right.  Reaffirm the construct’s programming as the final step, and then end the process.  You have just completed your first construct.

Another quirk of mine is that my constructs tend to be complete, but inactive, when I first create them.  If you find that this occurs – and you’ll know by the lack of activity with the Attention Getter – simply will it to be active.  “See” it start to glow, “hear” it hiss, and know that it is active.

Play with your new creation for awhile, and pay some serious attention to how well it works.  Is it as clear as you’d like?  Are there any imperfections that you can see?  Perhaps it’s not quite as spherical as you’d hoped, or it’s difficult to sense.  The purpose of this construct is to help you hone your perception, so spend as much time as you can feeling it with your mind.  Once you’re done, you can destroy it.
A lot of authors recommend including a “kill switch” in the programming, so you have a way of destroying the construct quickly in case something goes awry.  Remember what I said earlier about expectation?  This is your construct.  You made it, you own it, you control it.  What you make, you can easily destroy.  It’s a simple act of will.  The easiest way to do this is to remove the programming.  You can do his visually by imagining the form blinking out while willing it to disappear, leaving only the leftover energy to dissipate in its own time.  As with everything, this takes practise, so re-make and re-destroy it several times.

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    Rachael March 14, 2015 at 10:07 pm - Reply

    Hi , I’ve been doing your exercises and I was just wondering with the construct , are you supposed to actually see it? Like with your eyes? Or just visualize it.. and I’m not sure if I’m doing it right or not , how can I tell?

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