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Upon writing this article, I was told that I should write it for the 14-year-old teenager just starting in psionics, who had heard that you “program” psi to do cool stuff. This is true, but first you must learn how program, and then you can do many useful things with psi, limited only by your imagination and training.

Step 1: Think of What You Want It To Do

A’ight, the first thing you do is think of the specific “cool thing” you want it to do. Hoping that there was a minimal number of “I want to destroy the world” answers out there, let’s keep in mind that you want to have it do something reasonable. Good examples of reasonable programming would be: making your construct last a certain amount of time, feel a certain way, be a certain color, or accomplish a goal when it comes into contact with energy (like a shield that blocks incoming psi-balls or emotions).

Remember the vast majority of programming works best if you have in mind what you want to have your construct accomplish before you even start gathering psi.

For example: before peebrain in his article, “Your Psi Ball Source (Peebrain’s Method)”, starts gathering energy, he chooses what he wants to accomplish which is making a hot psi ball. He then chooses a source for visualization purposes (the sun). After he decided his source and was fully prepared to make a fiery hot psi-ball, he then began to gather energy.

Step 2: Program It

Ok, there are about three different easy ways you can tell that energy you are gathering to do what you want, they are visually, tactually, and conceptually, but don’t let the words scare ya.

Visual Programming

Visual Programming is done by telling the energy what to do by using a picture. Some of you may remember these pictures. Well, they are there to give you something to visualize while you gather the energy.

To program visually, as you gather the energy, picture a ball in your mind. Pushing the psi outwards, think of the ball, and then as you finish, the psi should be formed into a ball. Easy, huh? Those of you that have already made a psi-ball may want to picture a ball of fire for a hot psi-ball.

Tactile Programming

Tactile Programming is done by telling the energy how to be by using a feel.

To program tactually, as you gather the energy, focus on how it feels. Visualize how you want it to feel. As you send the psi out of your hands, remember the feeling you are trying to create. For example, in creating a hot psi-ball, remember a time you felt very hot, and focus on that hot feeling as the energy accumulates.

Conceptual Programming

Conceptual Programming is done by telling the energy what to do without a picture, or feeling or words.

I know that initial statement may have scared some people off a bit, but it is easier than it sounds. In one of the first psychic books I read, there was a visualization exercise. First, see what you are trying to create. If you cannot do that, get the feel of it. If you cannot do that, just know that it is there. This can help with some of the trickier programmed constructs.

To program conceptually, when you are forming your construct of energy, get a clear goal of what you want it to do. When you send the psi out, think of things associated with what you want to do. For a hot psi-ball, think of things you associate with the word “hot” (ex. desert, fire, stove, ect.), and tell the energy to be like that.

A friend, while writing this told me that he always had a hard time thinking of the color green, and to program his constructs with a green color, he always had to think of a jungle; this is a prime example of conceptual programming. By thinking of the jungle, his sub-conscious picks up on the color green, and programs the construct with the green color.




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