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An OBE (Out-of-Body Experience) can be defined in many ways. In a lot of cases, a given person will write an article concerning this Phenomenon, and will assume his/her beliefs as fact, and thus, what an OBE actually is may be misinterpreted. For the sake of this article, we will refer to an Out of Body Experience as an experience where one has the sensation he/she is floating outside of his/her body. Whether this phenomenon actually occurs out of body or not can, in my opinion, be viewed as subjective, and as thus, is up for debate.
There are many things to expect while practicing OBE, a lot of which should be noted. First and foremost, are the vibrations. When practicing OBE, a lot of people experience a faint ringing and what is referred to as the “see saw” effect. It’s something that will be very weird and foreign if you end up experiencing them, and as such, I recommend staying calm throughout this process (along with anything else you may encounter). You should get a feel for all of the things you experience in time, provided you continue your practices.
Second, if you expect success in this field (along with a lot of other things in your life), you have to practice. A lot of people new in the field don’t like to hear the “p” word, but if you want success you have to be dedicated. That means that if you sit there and go through all of the notions presented in this article and end up falling asleep, try again. Reaching for your goals and never letting go is very important to success, whether in Psionics or otherwise.

Background Information

Information concerning how to induce an Out-of-Body Experience isn’t very common. It is because of this matter that most of the informational text presented in this article will be based off of personal experience. You should treat the information as such, drawing your own personal methods and conclusions from it. Your way is the best way. It is what makes sense to you that matters.

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