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The first thing you should do before you begin is reaffirm to yourself that you WILL have an Out of Body Experience. When you affirm this to yourself, make sure you believe every word of it. This can be done in many ways, such as meditating on it, or even drawing a picture of you accomplishing it. If you don’t believe in yourself, why are you even trying this to begin with? The fact of the matter is most people skip this step when it is perhaps the most important one of all.

Achieving Focus 10

Focus 10 can be defined as the time when your body is asleep, but your mind still lies awake. How does this relate to achieving an Out of Body Experience? You will almost never receive success in this Phenomenon before going through this state. Achieving Focus 10 can be done in many ways. It’s crucial to not that you MUST be relaxed for you to reach this state. Do this in a thorough fashion. Start with your feet. Gently tell them to “go to sleep” if you will, counting down from 100, each number becoming more relaxed. Next, do this with your hands/arms, continuing on to your legs (and so on and so forth) until you reach the Focus 10 state. It’s important not to forget muscles in your face and neck in this process. This takes practice, but don’t move your body parts at all when you attempt the OBE. However, don’t think because you moved your arm a centimeter to the left that you have to start over. It’s easiest to just not think about this at all.

Trancing Out

Once you have achieved Focus 10, for success, I have found that trancing out makes the whole process much easier. There are generally many ways one can go about trancing out, included but not limited to saying the same thing over and over or even thinking about nothing at all. Generally, the latter has proved to be more successful to me, but you are encouraged to experiment. It usually easier to start out with the first one if you’re new, that way its harder to fall asleep. Its important to keep a clear mind because in this process, you are essentially trying to trick your body into thinking you aren’t conscious. During this time, since your body is asleep, you have little awareness as to actually where you are. You can pretend you are floating on a cloud, or even on a boat. Doing this keeps me occupied during the process and may for you as well. Experiment, but try to keep the thoughts as faint as possible for above mentioned reasons.

Leaving Your Body

Your can never truly be prepared for the first time this occurs. The first time this happens, what is usually felt can be that of shock or even excitement. Then you wind up sending yourself out of this state way faster than originally planned. It has been noticed that when you pay attention too much to what is happening it stops (again throwing yourself out of the state you worked so hard for). The best cure for such is trial and error, practice and staying calm. I cannot stress this matter enough. So how do you know when it is time to leave? You just do. However, there are things you can do to speed up this process. They comprise of tactile visualization, if you will. Basically, you use a visualization along with trying to replicate a certain feeling. The first one that will be mentioned is the rollout method. This is done by trying to replicate the feeling of rolling out of ones bed in combination with visualization and affirmation, which was discussed above. It is also possible to speed up the process of leaving your body by “willing” yourself out. Over time this method becomes easier to achieve. Again, finding a method that makes sense to YOU is most crucial. If it makes sense to you, then it will probably also make sense to your subconscious, thus achieving better results. Don’t give up. Once you finally achieve the Out of Body state, feel free to try some things out. Doing this can really benefit the experience, thus learning more about yourself and this phenomenon.

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