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How to Succeed

Practicing OBE can be a harsh process. Many people may practice this for almost a year, and only achieve one or two OBEs. Even though it is a thoroughly rewarding experience, there are a few things I have tried to greatly increase success rate from this phenomenon, and feel they should be mentioned to possibly benefit you in future endeavours. The first mistake I notice people make is trying OBE at night. When practiced at night, there is a much greater risk of falling asleep, which is one of the most common problems when attempting an OBE. It’d be a better idea to do it during morning hours. Upon first wakening, do whatever it is that you do when you first get up, like Brush your teeth, take a shower etc. Then 10 minutes later attempt an OBE. Another thing that is worth trying is attempting an OBE in a sitting position, or in a chair. This further lowers the chance of falling asleep because you are not in a normal sleeping position. You can also try coming up with methods on your own to keep from falling asleep. Be creative.

Your Environment

When trying to achieve an Out of Body experience, I have found that being comfortable with your environment is key. Don’t try to OBE in a room with the TV on and a loud fan running. I also suggest that if you have a cell phone, to turn it off (You will thank yourself later). It is much easier to OBE in a room that you are familiar with that is quiet than a room with a bunch of noise. Keep your pets away from the place you are trying to OBE. There is nothing more annoying than your pet jumping on you when you are a few seconds short of succeeding.

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