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In the last article we talked about more permanent and long term mental states that could complicate things, this time we’ll touch something more people can understand, how everyday emotional changes factor into psionics. Happiness and Sadness are the two common elements that can effect your actions. Now both have some effects that should be able to guess pretty easily. Happiness typically increases your confidence, energy is easier to access and move, and such. Sadness does the opposite, it lessens confidence, energy is harder to move, you get the point. Now there is one distinction most people miss, sadness when it takes on more of a light depression can have its advantage to be yoked as well. After a certain point you *can* (I’m going off experience so this might be different for others) get to a state where you are more largely apathetic. The beauty of this is that at this state your subconscious is going to put up much less of a fight (the effects from any mental blocks you have will likely be reduced). So if you can still get over the reduced ability to pool energy this can be helpful. This also can happen from being tired or a combination of the two. Note practicing while tired means a LITTLE tired, if you’re exhausted it is most likely a bad idea to be trying anything. Also note that generally happiness is more valuable to work with (is it just me or does that sound really cheesy? But seriously it is), so you want to do stuff to keep that going. Go back to the ‘Finishing on A High Note’ section as that’s a big part of getting excited/confident/etc. Keeping that state is more tricky, if you instantly get depressed at your first mistake, that’s going to make any bonuses rather useless. Part of maintaining your focus during practices is learning how to take a punch, if you screw up, get over it, it’s not the end of the world. If you continue to hang on every small problem it will mess up your future attempts (you start to believe that things *are* most certainly going badly even if they weren’t, which screws things up, reread the truth section for help on this). Remember the one bonus from sadness is more of a last resort thing, you shouldn’t *need* to use this. Don’t purposely try to depress yourself to try it out, you can always get the similar effect from just waiting until you are a *little* tired.

Special Subconscious Actions

Along the way we’ve touched on but not really fully discussed some of the strange things the subconscious can do to either help or hurt your progress. If yoked right the subconscious is a powerful part of yourself that can be very useful, if let run crazy it can be very annoying. The best way to avoid a problem starts with understanding, so even if there isn’t a known solution in this section hopefully you can at least take the first step in understanding the problem.

First we have Coincidental Reinforcement, which of the various subconscious actions is the one I’ve mentioned the most. In reality it is just a blanket term for when you think something is going to happen, you transfer that feeling to the subconscious, and your subconscious fulfills your expectation. While almost any subconscious action could be described this way, it is made special because for some reason you believe that a one-shot action is a constant, which starts a cycle that heightens the effect each time. This ties in a lot to the ‘Truth’ section, its just a simple case of your mind making something you believe real. The way to avoid this has already been discussed.

Another really fun one is sensitivity effects. This is where you expect to feel something and with nothing there to actually feel (or just not what you want to feel), by various means you change something about your surroundings or yourself to provide the feeling you were expecting. A lot of times this is labeled as Analytical Overlay, where it is the case in parenthesis in that you make yourself perceive what you want to be there instead of what might *actually* be there. However it is not always that. Anyone that’s seen a new person come into a chat and complain about someone attacking them is almost always (90-99%) suffering from some form of subconscious sensitivity effect. They don’t actually want to feel like they’re being attack obviously, but their mind is fearing so strongly that they’re receiving some form of attack that their subconscious either makes one for them or makes them feel like they are being attacked. This is how you can give yourself a headache.

Note: The subconscious is the medium from where you do a lot or all psychic actions. That means that it has access to all your abilities. A lot of us know about gheists where telekinesis is randomly and unintentionally used and from my personal experience I know that the subconscious can make constructs on its own (although the ‘constructs’ usually are just fragments) It applies to other areas areas as well. So don’t think all it can do is just mess with the way you’re feeling. The subconscious can muck with almost any ability.

On a side note be aware that it usually heightens the problem if you personify the subconscious as another being that’s out to get you (which you could get that impression from reading these past paragraphs). That feeds more belief (Truth section again) and gives it more power with which to screw you up more. Also if you see your subconscious as a different person you immediately lose a lot of control over it. Its like comparing the amount of influence you might have over a close friend vs your control over yourself, they don’t even begin to compare. Keep the subconscious as a part of yourself, avoid seeing it as a separate thing/person.

People and How to Ask for Help

It is inevitable that there will be a question that does not have an answer in this article or in other sites or articles. This means that you get to go through an experience that can either be incredibly rewarding, incredibly frustrating, or both: asking someone else for help. First off you have to find a person to ask, which can be a task in itself. While I can’t make people randomly appear to help you, I have two pointers for what you should be looking for:

1. Before you even consider skill level you want to find someone that you are pretty sure is trustworthy, so you avoid getting told total crap.
2. The next step is to find someone whose skill level is appropriate to answer your question. This should consider who is under-qualified *and* who is overqualified. Most people get that the person has to be knowledgeable in what you’re asking (or why else would they be any better than what you could think up on your own?), but the other part is making sure you’re not killing someone’s time with something really basic. This mainly applies to community leaders, while they’re usually the best and brightest, they’re really busy. Although they’re usually happy to answer your questions, remember that they usually have have things to attend to, so if there is another suitable person you can ask you should probably ask them.

Now that you’ve found your person here is some things that will help you act in a way that won’t annoy people:

1. Remember a lot of communities get a great deal of traffic that tend to ask really basic questions. The first thing most of these guys will do is try and point you to an article. Now if you’re asking someone in one of the communities you frequent you should have already read most of the articles, but if that’s not the case you should read the articles there, if nothing else you’ll be able to say that you have read them and you avoid losing time there.
2. While you shouldn’t blindly accept everything thrown at you, when you respond to suggestions that they give remember that YOU are asking for help, so tread very lightly about correcting or disagreeing with people. If you do this a lot in the wrong way they’ll get annoyed because it seems like you’re asking for help but thinking you’re smarter than they are.
3. Avoid melodramatics. Don’t overstate your problem, most people will be able to see through this anyway, so it is not going to help you.
4. Be patient. Especially if you are talking to a community leader these people are often very busy, so it may take them some time to answer.
5. If you think you are being looked down on, thought to be just melodramatic, or something similar the worst thing you can do is to show that you’re pissed off, that will just make things worse. Keep your cool and try your best to correct the misunderstanding. If you start acting disagreeable, from their perspective it will only confirm what they were thinking about you.

That is all I can pull together, if you follow this stuff you’ll at least be on the right track.


We all understand that all people are not born the same: some are taller, some are shorter, etc. This applies to psionics as well. As a part of understanding energy and energy consumption, you have to realize the way *you* uniquely work. Just as people can be short or tall, your ability to produce energy or psi can vary. For most people there isn’t anything to actually worry about, just remember to get a feel for what you are capable of.

Now the problem is when people *do* over worry about things. Every so often in the psychic community we have a influx of people thinking that they are a ‘psi-vamp’, i.e. someone born with little to no ability to generate energy, and thus they have to acquire energy from external sources. While there are some actual cases of this happening (I know one but that’s a story for another article), they are EXTREMELY rare. Most people just think they are one for various reasons. Now whether you are worrying about being a psi-vamp (or believe you are one), or just think you are a little below average in energy capacity, realize that when that is not the case such beliefs are harmful to your progress. If you have low self-confidence in that way, you won’t be able to do nearly as much. Don’t jump to conclusions, talk to people and reason it out if you suspect you have a problem.

Now if you actually *do* fall into one of those two cases, being a true psi-vamp is not so easy to help, there might be ways but they’re beyond my knowledge, so look around and see what you can find. However, having just slightly below average energy production is fixable. In such as case you may be born like me. In keeping the physical analogy, just like someone that was born a little lacking in physical strength, you are going to have to work harder for a while to get your body into proper shape. Energy Manipulation is recommended for this, (slowly at first so you don’t overtire yourself) start doing a lot of energy working. This is shown to build up your capacity over a period of time. There are more dramatic ways to fix this problem more quickly, but trust me, coming from someone that’s done some of these things, you are much better off just working out with energy manipulation.

Personalities (and mental problems)

Aside from short term emotional problems, some personalities or mental conditions can also give added annoyances to you in your practices. First obvious point, if you have any serious mental conditions, you are practicing at your on risk, we probably don’t know everything about what you’re suffering from, and we certainly don’t know enough about psionics to understand the potential interactions between the two. That aside we go to things that are a little less serious. Depression can put a big cramp in your practices, everyone knows in general when you’re feeling sad you’re not going to be doing your best in whatever you try to do. Also in one of the Psionic Social Club logs, Rainsong cautions that Biofeedback it is not recommended is those who are seriously depressed ( http://www.psc-online.org/logs/RainTurtle-…Conference.html ). There may be (and probably are) other areas also effected that you should look into. Now since I am NOT a psychiatrist I am not capable of going into how to handle depression, so I have to leave solving that to you.

Now personalities are just the way you are, you can’t change that most times, but you can be aware of the way they’ll effect you, heres some:

Fluff-bunny (my thoughts – other’s have their own definition): These are basically a wide category for annoying newbies in the psionic community, they either lie about themselves to try and impress people, expect the people in chat or forums to tell them how to do everything when most of the stuff they want to know is already in articles and we just don’t feel like retyping it, those who want unreasonable amount of attention every time they’re around (hey we’re human we can’t be killing every minute on everyone that walks in) , and/or people that come in and in the first hour want to know everything and do it.

Ambitionist (my word damnit): I once described this as wanting to know and be good at everything, and have done so yesterday. Now this is fundamentally different from a fluffbunny as ambitionists can be clever/intelligent, reasonable, and *somewhat* realistic in that unlike the fluffbunny they know they can’t learn everything in an hour (they’re still going to get angry about not being able to do so but thats in their nature). To some extent this is fine, ambition can be a great motivator in your practice, just don’t beat yourself up too much as that can be counter productive. Unless you have some mission I don’t know about you really don’t need to put yourself under this kind of strain in my opinion.

Scientist: This can cause some serious self-confidence issues. A scientist is not necessarily someone in the actual career but a psion that has a strong scientific or highly logical thinking process. They’ve been drawing conclusions and finding things out from reason all their life and now although they might believe in psionics, part of them is still going to fervently resist “this bunk” This part of yourself you’re going to have to sort out if you’re one of these, your best hope is to go back to the Trusting in Yourself section.

Proofer (another one of my words): These are the people that think it is their mission to learn psionics then “prove it” to the world. Either slowly or quickly they want to learn psionics then use it to show enough people until they think the world will accept it (in the case of quickly this becomes very similar to the ambitionist). Now all I can say about this is consider very carefully what you want to do, if you really think the world *needs* to know about all this stuff then so be it, good luck.

Resilient Adaptable Stubbornness: Ah, this is was me for a while. It incorporates the scientist profile along with some other stuff. It is the result of a very strong and stubborn mind. Basically all of the methods in this article will probably have limited effect. Something will work for a while then will slowly reduce effectiveness until its worthless, so you’ll find yourself after a while not being able to find a way to do what you want to practice. There are two ways to go about handling this. The first is you have to look at this intelligently, if your mind is being so resistant there is most likely a reason, go over anything you think might be bothering you, both on your own and in talking to people since they might see an issue where you don’t. The only other way is through the tricking yourself method, but keep rapidly changing the trick so your subconscious doesn’t catch on to any particular one. Remember this is *not* a permanent solution in itself, you have to be able to look at the data afterwards, and use it to reason with yourself.

Ah, Life

That can sum it up a lot of times, life can really put a monkey wrench in your practices. Again obviously depression is going to screw you up, but you also have to look at stress. Stress can do so many fun things outside of psionics, and inside psionics it gets even worse. You have to be very careful if you’re still trying to practice through times that are high stress (stuff at work, exams, etc.). Some things can fail and/or become downright painful when you try to do them under high stress. Most of the time it will just cause what you’re doing to be less successful. This isn’t really solvable unless you can eliminate the stress, this is just one of those things you have to be aware of so you don’t beat yourself up over not doing as well when its not entirely your fault.

Pulling it All Together

This was a wildcard section so it’s less fitting to have a conclusion, but I just want to take the time to emphasize there is some very good stuff to consider here. The main idea to look at is when you have a problem that just doesn’t seem to add up, look at yourself, then turn to others for help.


Like before I really hope that you’ll find some use out of this, there is really not much more I can think of adding so there is probably not going to be another article like this unless I get a lot more knowledge to impart. If you are really stumped you have the ‘how to ask for help section’ and my best wishes. Good luck.

-Innerfire (Summer 2008)

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