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Visualization plays a big part in psionics. At the minimal interpretation it just helps you apply your focus better, but however it works it appears to play big role, especially in Energy Manipulation. For example in building a Construct, if you just blandly form a psiball with no special structure or ‘feel’ put into it, and I go ahead and use one of my designs picturing a slightly complex structure to compose the construct, mine is likely to be much stronger. Since the difference is so easy to see, energy manipulation is a great example to study the effects of visualization, and so I’ll focus on that example. However, remember that a good deal of what’s said in this section probably extends to other skill areas as well.

There are a couple things to consider in approaching this topic. As you can see from the example mentioned above, you really don’t want to apply minimal visualization. That’s probably causing minimal focus and thus very poor energy applied and poor energy efficiency. (We’ll talk more about those two terms later in the energy section, for now just get the general gist that energy applied is how much you use, and efficiency is how well you use it). However, you also don’t want to go overboard, if you try to do an insanely complex visualization or design it is more likely to screw up (if you can’t focus enough to properly form the visualization, the construct will be malformed and unstable). You want to find a middle point, something that’s *slightly* complex, but not above your ability to do. It should be a little difficult the first couple times you do something like that, and that’s a good thing. Besides just lending a more solid ‘structure’ to your construct (higher energy efficiency), to pull off the visualization you’re forced to sit down and focus better. You direct more attention to your construct because you have to in order to properly make it (higher focus leads to being able to devote more of your energy to the task).

Although slightly complicated is good, the most important thing is your visualization has to have meaning for *you*. Since the visualization is the mechanism your subconscious works with, the more meaning or affection you have for the visualization, the better it will work (this goes back to believing it will work). Energy manipulation demonstrates that idea well. When you choose some material for the structure of your construct it has to be something that *you* think will work well. For strength and support it should be something you think is strong. I don’t know why but I like reinforced glass (the glass you see with the metal wiring running through it). That might work for you too, or cheese might work for you, I don’t know why, maybe you’ve encountered a rare form of cheese that can stop bullets or something, its what *you* think will fit the purpose. The same idea applies for any other purpose, flexibility, heat resisting, frog catching, etc.



You should work on this concept for at least 5 days before proceeding.

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