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Visualization Primer

Why is Visualization Important?

Throughout many years, and with astute observation we have discovered certain “patterns” about the way psychic abilities work, using observation. As noted in the (advanced) introduction guide, a few of them are as follows:

1.  Visualization coupled with a desire or will is effective in creating a desirable result.

Certainly, it follows that it is probably a good use of your time to develop adequate skills in order to visualize clearly.

2. We appear to be doing Psionics all of the time, whether or not we are aware of it.”

Certainly, it is probably a good use of your time to learn how to visualize intentionally.

3. We can work with symbols in a discrete or overt manner which represent what we want to happen, and this can be effective in making things happen.

You should develop the skills necessary to visualize symbols that represent what you want to happen without breaks in focus.

A Warning

This skill is very necessary in order to see future success with psychic abilities. Please do not skip this in favor of trying to learn telekinesis or some other impressive ability. It is very important to develop the fundamentals first. You will have more success this way.  Also, remember that Psionics may have adverse health effects. You are to conduct any of the exercises on this site at entirely your own risk.

How to Follow This Guide

The visualization primer is a practical exercise guide and practice regimen. Psionics is about doing, not just reading. You should follow the guide in a step-by-step fashion. Do each exercise in order. Do not skip any exercise. Do  not go to the next exercise until you have successfully completed the requirements from the previous exercise


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