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In most situations it is common sense to go after the source of a problem instead of just repeatedly fighting the effects. You will sometimes have to do this in psionics as well. If a mental Block you have seems incredibly resilient there may be some deeper cause for it. If deep down you have some problem with the activity you wish to do, you are going to have trouble doing it. This is where self examination comes in, make sure you have no problems with whatever you’re doing. I obviously can’t predict every single issue but just to give you an idea some stuff would be:

1) Not wanting your parents/friends/gerbil to find out, thus you should never get to the level where there is something to find out

2) Being scared of what you might be able to do if you continue to advance

3) Deep down not wanting to do that skill in the first place for some reason

4) Having some religious conflict with what you’re doing

Mine was incredibly specific but I did have this problem myself. From experience I can say that although treating the underlying issue doesn’t instantly fix everything, it certainly does help.


Exercise: Identify Underlying Issues

Spend some time with self-examination. You might wish to incorporate this into your meditations.

You should work on this method for at least 2 days before proceeding.

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