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What’s Your Boggle?

Mellow greetings sir or miss. The title is what it boils down to for this, you have to figure out what you need help with. If you got something in mind already, good for you, if not take a look at this part and see if anything comes to mind. This resource is going to go over areas I’ve either personally experienced or have a good amount knowledge with. Suffering from the problem myself, the first section will deal with issues of the mind blocking your efforts in psionics. The second section deals with progressing with psionics: you’re somewhere and for some reason you’re not getting any farther. The third section deals with those oh so fun anomalies life can throw your way: born with altered energy production (or worrying about being like that), personality issues, and whatever incidents life can throw your way.


MONK: Put your hand in the flame.


MONK: Place your hand in the flame.

DANIEL hesitates, then holds his hand over the flame, before pulling back in pain.

DANIEL: Ah! Why did you tell me to do that?

MONK: Why did you do it?

DANIEL: Because you told me to.

MONK: Because you trusted me.


MONK: Within you is the capacity for trust. Trust OMA DESALA. Do not believe you can light the candle, believe she can light the candle.

Now for those of you (probably most) that are confused, that’s part of a Stargate episode, but forget that and look at the point of it. Replace OMA DESALA with yourself and omit the next line. For a good bit of people including myself, there is more than enough ability there, there just isn’t self confidence. You may have had a situation not too different when someone told you to do something a certain way, you did it, and WOH!, it worked incredibly well. Then later it doesn’t work as much. The likely reason for this is you trust that person more than you do yourself, and since they said it would work right a certain way, you believe it will work and you can do it now. You have to look at this and figure out how to skip the middle man and just believe you can do it.

Your Mind and You

The first thing you have to realize is that for many people, your unconscious self is going to try and Block you from doing anything “concrete” in psionics, you might be able to do stuff like psiballs, shielding, etc, but you find yourself not able to do stuff like Healing or Psychokinesis that you can you can see and instantly say: that was psionics, it worked, and I did it. That’s not uncommon, your subconscious is going to take everything it knows about the world, and say “you can’t do that.” Don’t find it so hard to believe, you were probably thinking it the first time you heard about the “concrete” skill you’re having trouble with, you were almost certainly thinking it when you were unsuccessful, and somewhere in your head you might even be thinking it right now. It is not easy to handle, but by reading this you’ve already got the first part of the battle down. You know what you’re fighting against, what you have to direct your focus to change, for a while that alone can improve things but it might not solve everything forever. That’s what the next couple parts of this section, here are gathered several methods for trying to defeat that unconscious part of yourself once and for all and win it to your side.


Exercise #1: Bash it to Death with Reason

This is the most common method, it will work for some people, but not for all. It is still worth a try however. The method itself is self explanatory, go through every doubt you have one by one and reason it out until you can get past it, if you can do this well enough it should at least make some kind of dent in your problem that is if it is because of a rationally based doubt, reason can beat out reason but reason vs lack of reason can be a different story.


You should work on this method for at least 3 days before proceeding.


And that’s where affirmations come in. Affirmations are another “bash it into submission” technique, but unlike the last, this one can fight a block that is not rational. Just repeat a single phrase to boost your confidence over and over again. Some tips: don’t use negatives, only positive statements, make all conditions immediate not “I will be able to do it”, and don’t sweat if it doesn’t work 100% (like rolling a dice for micro-tk or something similar), if you stop your thought train to get angry or frustrated its going to get you back to doubting again, and that will be taking steps backwards when you’re trying to walk forwards. Now for just some examples to illustrate:

I can do telekinesis I can do healing I can grow to 6 feet tall

I can do telekinesis I can do healing I can grow to 6 feet tall

I can do telekinesis I can do healing I can grow to 6 feet tall (worth a try tongue.gif )

(credit: I did pull on some of this from a forum discussion on psipog: post starter Kushimaster )


Self Affirmations Exercise

Step #1: Write the following statement on a piece of paper before practice:

“I am doing (ability or things you are having trouble with here) right now.”

Step #2: View the statement you have written and recite it clearly a few times. Perhaps you may also wish to meditate on the statement.

Step#3: Proceed practice like usual.

You should work on this method for at least 3 days before proceeding.


This is one technique of my own invention. Go back to the first part of this section about being able to believe when you had a middleman that you trusted. Well sometimes you can make yourself the middle man too. Think things like “if I do this in this particular way it will work”, like again with the dice rolling for micro-tk (can you guess how I practice yet?), get yourself to think it will work if you roll the dice a certain way, or hit the dice in the air, or some other clever little action. If it works when you do that you got yourself baited and you can run off that for a little. Now unfortunately if you keep doing this you’re not solving anything and it will almost certainly fail given enough time. The way to use this as an actual fix is to look at it after a time and notice that you could do it.

You should work on this method for at least 1 day before proceeding.

The Goods and Bads of Planning

Planning or expectation can be a good or bad thing depending on the way you use it. It follows a general rule, when you think you shall will well you may find that you will do well, but more likely when you think you shall do poorly you will do badly, maybe even very badly. So try not to think you shall do badly as that will sabotage your efforts.

Coincidental Reinforcement

I’ve personally had a lot of issues with this one. Coincidental Reinforcement is what I call when randomly a certain event in your practice comes up a couple times, there is a chance if you’re frustrated or quick to label things that you will see this not just as random activity, but some constant action. By doing so you will make it real so to speak. Your mind will try to fulfill your expectations (think the Matrix – the mind makes it real). This can be both a plague in general energy use (I’ll make mention of that later) and micro tk (for me personally I’ve gotten a bit of a quirky number that I got into believing it would randomly come up a lot whenever it was not what I wanted. It really throws off results).

Pulling it Together

Hopefully though one of these techniques you’ll be able to finally silence that annoying voice in your head, no not the one that tells you to do bad things to that guy you don’t like 😛 , the one that tries to tell you that you can’t do that one skill for whatever reason. Remember also the lessons of coincidental reinforcement and expectations, and how these two things can seriously hurt your efforts. If this doesn’t work, don’t give up, theres enough people with this problem that someone will eventually think up something that will work, or maybe you’ll just get lucky one time, or see someone else do it–that will usually melt the problem for you if you’re lucky enough to meet another psion in person.

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