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The Good and Bad of Imposing Limits

At the basic level, putting reasonable limits on yourself is a good thing. Control keeps you from going too far and suffering injury. And we all know that hurting yourself is bad. However, you have to remember that sometimes a limit can start to mean to you that it is the highest level you can ever achieve. Going back to the section ‘Truth’, if you limit yourself enough enough that way, that limit will become your truth and it will become a wall you will have great difficulty getting over. Limits are good as a safety measure, but you should never set them so rigid that you come to believe that it’s impossible for you to do anything beyond your limit. Also remember to over a period of time carefully allow yourself to do more, because after a while you should be stronger and able to practice *slightly* longer.

The opposite of that idea applies as well. You can do just as much damage by not setting a limit or setting it too high. A lot of people use the muscle analogy and think that the longer they practice the better they will be. Because of this they strain themselves severely. First off, it is very rarely that simple, there are a lot more factors than just hammering as long as you can to psychic progression. Sometimes you have to stop and take a break, so your mind can process what you have done. Also you must remember to take the muscle analogy the rest of the way, if you practice too hard you’ll injure yourself. When you seriously overstrain yourself you get what is called a burnout. If you hit this you’ll know it because you’ll typically become very tired and be incapable of doing any significant psychic activity until you recover. Note that this is not always only temporary damage, if you manage to overwork yourself enough, you can cause permanent damage. So don’t think you can work really hard, wait through the burnout, and then keep going. It will not work. For our readers that worry a lot relax, you have to overwork yourself to a pretty boneheaded level to manage hurt yourself that way. Unfortunately there are some people that do just that.

*Responsible* Forcing

(Heads up as there will be a lot of cautions in this paragraph as you can seriously hurt yourself if you do this incorrectly)

First before I say anything else note the RESPONSIBLE tag. Ideally nothing or almost nothing should be reckless, angry, or done with frustration, your actions should be controlled. However, sometimes there is a time to apply additional focus. Extra focus at the base level increases the amount of force you’re applying on something and thus you can get better output. Also it strengthens your resolve and can help resolve some minor subconscious issues. This should never be too intense, it should be above a relaxed state but below frustrated or agitated. If you get a headache you should cease this IMMEDIATELY. In some areas, especially TK, although this can be helpful, the added strain it puts can be rather dangerous.

You should work on this concept for at least 6 days before proceeding.

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