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Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias, within the context of Psionics and psychic phenomena, can be defined as a tendency to believe or disbelieve in psychic phenomena in correlation with one’s prior hypotheses or preconceptions.  In layman’s terms, this means that people selectively report evidence supporting their own beliefs, whether or not they remain true.  For example, we may return to the notion of Jane, contained in the section having to do with clairvoyance, psionics logs, and statistics.  In this section, we described a hypothetical situation where a person(Jane) didn’t have any successes in precognition or clairvoyance for many years, until she “predicted” a car accident.  However, statistics tells us that it is possible for Jane to correctly guess the next days events accurately, without psionics abilities, especially if the next day’s events tend to be monotonous in nature.  According to chance, Jane eventually would have “guessed” this event correctly.   When we consider this scenario in light of confirmation bias, we may conclude that Jane has a tendency to believe in psionics abilities without regard to chance events.

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