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Physical health and wellness is seemingly incredibly unstressed on many metaphysical oriented websites. Unfortunately it seems as if the only people who find the obvious connection are those who frequent Hermetic based sites. Although disappointing, it’s not surprising when you consider the general intentions behind people who frequent these websites. That being to *do cool stuff.*

For those individuals who are using these somewhat childish motives to pursue life long practices, and especially for those who have a more mature idea of what they are doing and why, physical fitness should become a regular part of your day. It’s just as important to exercise the body as it is the mind and spiritual side of yourself. Even if we aren’t talking about spirituality or general metaphysics, the Surgeon General suggests a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day to promote a healthy lifestyle. Many make the excuse that they just don’t have the time, but those are the individuals who are either just being lazy and putting something as important as their health in the backseat, or they just have the wrong idea behind what that exercise is.

Simply parking farther from the store, taking the stairs instead of an elevator, etc… are all forms of exercise that can help you reach that goal of 30 minutes a day. They are also practices that anyone who has intentions of being or staying physically fit should take. If you think that you are running late and parking far will slow you down, simply walk faster. There is virtually no excuse that you can make that is good enough to keep you from working out in some form or fashion every day of the week. Although, it is only human to just not feel like it, but pushing yourself past that feeling will have a lot of benefits.

Healthy Living

The minimum 30 minutes of exercise a day is important, but a healthy lifestyle goes far beyond that. It includes more exercise than simply being active, and eating healthily. Depending on where you are hearing it from it also includes a well balanced set of spiritual practices as well. Prior to getting into all of the deeper spiritual meanings let’s first cover what exactly dictates a fully healthy lifestyle, otherwise known or described “Wellness.”

Wellness is optimal health and vitality. It covers a few different categories such as; Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Interpersonal/Social Wellness, and Environmental/Planetary Wellness.

These categories are pretty simple and straight to the point so extreme elaboration isn’t really necessary but I do want to touch on a few general points just to get the point across a bit more.

In case you aren’t aware of it, the leading causes of death overall are health disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidents, and diabetes. Many if not all of which (excluding accidents) can be controlled or avoided entirely with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Essentially, if you want to pursue Health and Wellness in general you need to work on all these areas of your life. Of course, the spirituality is optional because such beliefs can’t be forced onto people. If you know you have some issues to work on you should seriously consider making the changes you need to make today.

Getting Started Making Changes

Start off by examining your current health habits. Perhaps write them down in a small journal you can carry with you. Things like what you eat throughout the day, the time you eat, amount of exercise, etc… should all go into this journal.

Choose a target behavior, a single behavior at a time is optimal for making a change. As the old saying goes, if you chase too many chickens you’re likely not to catch any (something like that). Just these simple steps can get you started on a pretty long and rewarding path of discovery and advancement.

Now, for spiritual wellness you should just pursue your spiritual beliefs and practices to the fullest extent possible. But if we are discussing topics such as “Psionics,” this goes just a bit farther. Eating healthy and exercising helps with your mental well being and spiritual as well because clearly, whatever your beliefs are, you are within your body right now and that body is what gets you through your day. Being healthy helps in all areas of your life, it’s not surprising or coincidental why those involved in the Hermetic Science, Meditation, Yoga, etc… are all heavily into maintaining a healthy life style. In simple terms, it makes a difference.

I would also suggest Yoga to perhaps become part of your daily ritual. Even if it’s something as simple as the Sun Salutation. I think that the breathing paired with movements of the body is incredibly centering and a great place to start if you are interested in Yoga (highly recommended), meditation, and finding a form of exercise/stretching you can practice on a regular basis.

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