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Last time we talked about how to be aware of energy/energy consumption, and how it plays a role in psionics. In this section we have an equally important idea to talk about, energy efficiency. Although energy consumption relates to the expenditure of an activity, energy efficiency relates to how well the energy is being used, how much is being wasted, etc. A lack in energy efficiency can make it seem like an activity takes more energy than it requires.

A perfect example of this is one of my early attempts at Healing (whether this works well is not part of the example so don’t nitpick). Part of it involved directing a flow of energy to where I was trying to heal, which I think worked on a small scale. The problem was just holding my hand over the target area and sending the energy left me considerably tired afterwards. It took me a while to realize the problem, just projecting the energy at something meant that it was also spilling every which way thus wasting a good amount. Thus, a lack of efficiency in my process made it take more energy than it should, giving it a seemingly higher energy consumption. Now there are a couple ways to fix this: use better focus to actually target the energy being projected where I want so it wouldn’t spill, or the one I chose, put it in a construct (for a contained delivery system). Confirming my theory, the construct packaged variation of what I was doing used a lot less energy and got a comparable effect.

So thus you can make activities consume less energy by making the process more efficient. To help with how to more commonly think ‘efficiency’ lets go back to the Visualization section with our energy manipulation example. A lot of energy used poorly is outclassed by a little energy used well. Your first step is to look into visualizations that seem to work better with the same amount of energy, this may be more difficult with other areas but for energy manipulation you can just follow what’s said in the visualization section. You want to pick a structure to mold your energy into that’s resilient as opposed to just doing whatever. Its like using triangles as your building units when making a bridge, its the best use of material. The general idea of how to apply this outside of energy manipulation is just really to think it through, usually the more controlled and/or contained the process is the better (unless it has to *not* be one of these things). To help you learn how to do that there are a couple flags for when you risk wasting energy either directly or through inefficiency:

1. Any process where you don’t have full control over an amount of energy being directed to something, if you’re not holding onto it, some energy can leak away
2. Not properly shelling a construct, this is why new people’s psiballs eventually fade away, they don’t keep the energy that composes them inside themselves, slowly but surely it leaks out
3. Anything that uses an extremely complex mechanism that’s probably beyond your ability to handle will be prone to inefficiency, either you won’t create it properly and it will be the result of faulty construction, or your lack of control over it will leave the creation unstable and the programming will likely degrade and mutate and bring about the same result

A lot of it just comes down to being smart with your planning and execution of techniques. Side note, while I cannot *confirm* this it seems that in a lot of cases the first time a new technique is executed it can take more energy to pull off. Considering this, don’t jump to conclusions about energy use the first time you use a technique. It is better to take a couple tries and then consider the use again (average the couple trials together). This does not mean throw out the expenditure the first time, as that you should still use to consider any future tries (to properly handle safety concerns and such). Just remember, because of this effect you should save the *final* judgment for later. Also, this does not just apply to the first time you’re starting a new area like telekinesis but just anything that’s just sufficiently different from any technique you have tried before. Like a shield design different than anything you’ve attempted before is likely to use more energy on the first try.


You should work on this concept for at least 4 days before proceeding.

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