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A lot of articles and people give the impression that theres a way to do something and that way works. They leave it at that. That way might work great, but theres a great deal of ways to do something in most cases. The best way to progress and make things work is to find your own way to do them. Play around, experiment, look for new stuff, or take someone else’s idea and see if you can make it better. There is nothing to lose, at the very least you’re going to get some good practices in. I said before that there are gaps and missing stuff in the articles and site information, one way to solve that is to try and fill them yourself.

This example relates a lot to Sensitivity,which as a passive skill is hard to directly practice. Although there might be a guide or two about it (I think PsiPog has one), the best way to work on your sensitivity is to find your own ways to develop and use it. The skill will develop naturally for most people, so you don’t have to really hammer at it to get it to advance, it just needs some form of guidance and practice. This means that you can find your own way to guide it without too much trouble.

Note: This is not permission to be reckless. (This is another ‘don’t get people hurt warning’, whether you listen or not, saying these makes me feel better smile.gif ) If you have any qualms about something you want to attempt, talk to someone experienced about it and see what they think. They might even give you some tips with what you want to do. Experimentation should always be careful and well planned.


Exercise: Create Your Own Method and Apply It

Step #1: Get a pencil and paper and sit at a comfortable chair in a quiet room.

Step #2: Consider how you learn in school or when you read a book. Do you learn better by step by step methods, or by having people show you the learning material? This should give you a hint on how to start creating your method.

Step #3: Consider everything that was said in the Introduction to Psionics guide in the getting started section of the website.

Step #4: Use what you learned from this guide and other beginners guides to construct a method of your choosing which makes sense to you.

Step #5: Spend a few days applying this method and record your results.

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