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Every human has a belief system, no matter if you are religious or not. Everyone uses their belief systems to explain their reality, and to find explanations for things they don’t understand. Belief systems can be your best friend and your worst enemy. You are creating your belief system all the time, whether you are actively finding an explanation for something, or just observing the things going on around you.

Your belief system creates the world you experience, for example if you believe in UFO’s then you will see them much more than a person not believing it. If you believe in psychic abilities you will experience more of them than someone who doesn’t believe in it. You create a belief system and you will always find proof of the beliefs you already have.

Now what happens when you experience something that is not supported by your belief system?

Two things can happen:

1. You will fear it, every human fears what they don’t understand.
2. You will find a belief that can explain what you’ve experienced.

The first one is the most common, that’s also the reason why so many people fear death, because they don’t have an explanation for what happens after you die.
When you experience something unexplainable, your belief system goes through a “database” of rules that are in your belief system. If it cannot find a good explanation, it will usually go to its natural instinct: Fear.

Now the second option is more uncommon, when something unexplainable happens it doesn’t have to be frightening. Some people can still find a spot in their belief system that makes sense without destroying all their beliefs or going over to the “fear reaction”.

An Example

A while ago I demonstrated Telekinesis to my parents. I moved a piece of foil on the table before their eyes. My mother first said it was the wind or static electricity, but I let her see that there was no wind there, and that my hands were far enough away not to move it by static currents. She understood that this was not quite what people call normal but she accepted it as a possibility that I really did by “psychic” means, she adapted her beliefs to accept what she experienced.
My dad on the other hand, was scared when I showed him the same, and he said I should watch out for “evil” powers and stuff. Because his belief system is based on Christianity, he uses his own belief in good or evil forces to find the explanation.
In this case he thought I used forces of “Satan” because he could not explain it. Their beliefs are both based on Christianity but their way of explaining was very different, this is because every person holds different beliefs, no matter if you are following the same religion or science. If you are really convinced something doesn’t exist you will not see much proof of it, and if you see proof there is almost always a way to explain within your belief system.

What does this belief system do, apart from finding answers?
– It creates the reality you experience.

If you experience something it is created with the help of your beliefs, you will experience more of something you belief in. If you belief in a god then your reality is explained with god, and you create the reality based on the existence of a god. If you believe in “supernatural” abilities you will experience more of them. If you believe you will become rich and famous, you will become rich and famous. The problem with this is that there are also a lot of beliefs that think you can’t do something, or you can’t be something you want, this also creates the reality you experience. If you think you always have “bad luck” then you will constantly have that, if you constantly think you will fail, then you will fail. I have this with some clients I help with their computer, they always have problems with it. I can explain something to them in an easy way, but their computer keeps crashing. That is because they probably have a belief that says “I always have trouble with my computer”. They keep getting problems it doesn’t matter how they use it.

How can you alter your beliefs to create another reality?

-That’s really hard to say, because beliefs are proven over and over again it’s difficult to change your belief about something.
You can say I believe I will never get ill, but then you will get ill more and more, because your belief system says you can get ill. And because you are trying to change your beliefs about it, you will unconsciously call for prove of your standing beliefs. I think it is better to work with your standing beliefs, and work on them in a way that you like it. I just accept it in my beliefs, and use my standing beliefs to make something possible in the reality I experience.  Try a mantra every morning of the belief you want to introduce, find prove that stands for your belief system to accept something is possible. Find a way to alter your beliefs about anything, and if you know it is real and you can prove it to yourself you are on the way to create your own reality. If you want to win a lottery, be extremely sure that it will happen, if you want a girl, know that you are attractive.

Alter your beliefs slowly, and you will experience the proof of it.



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