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Before I start typing out information, I stumbled on healing maybe around the age of ten when my immunity increased significantly and sickness started to become a rarity. Although, I only have roughly two to three years of conscious experience. What will be in this article is basic concept and simple technique. I won’t give out difficult techniques or anything that might make you sick, nor will I speak of special energy types or any of that nonsense. All that I speak of is what works for me and I have yet to find a problem in my healing. Be careful when doing this, don’t mess around. At the most, treat it as a medical field. Have knowledge and understanding of all skills in psionics as well some medical knowledge before attempting healing. As a general rule, medical diagnostics and treatments before attempting psionics diagnostic andor treatment since doctors are trained to heal and do medical diagnostics and they usually have more concrete evidence than someone’s feeling or idea of what is wrong. Psions are not your doctors, use them at your own risk as well heal at your own risk. We are not responsible for any mistakes you or anybody else makes, you should know and understand the risks before attempting.

Basic Concept:

Healing is what I consider a slight branch of DMILS, Direct Mental Interaction of the Living System, since DMILS is just interaction of a biological system which could very well mean changing eye color or increasing metabolism. I’m directly speaking about healing and only healing, so you won’t get information or techniques on how to change your eye color or enhance the male sexual organ. What is healing? Is it a part of Energy Manipulation? Part of Psychokinesis? Maybe Telepathy or Empathy? The way I see it, Healing is a mere hybrid of Energy Manipulation, psychokinesis, telepathy, and empathy, hell, throw in Clairvoyance. Healing isn’t restricted to a group so there are countless ways of dealing with a situation. Some people think that healing is merely telepathy and empathy, a form of tricking the mind into healing the body. It could very well be true, but many have healed sickness with just energy, so it couldn’t be just telepathy or empathy which is where people either move away from that and start thinking that either psi energy or psychokinesis plays a part in healing which isn’t too far off. However, back to what I said in the start, it’s merely a hybrid of everything. The body and mind is very complex, so it would take more out of psionics for healing. Healing can be simple though, up to a point, the more complex the medical situation the harder it’ll be heal, that’s why doing your homework before attempting any heal is a must, especially if you don’t know where the source is at.

Basic Technique:

This is going to be really short as I really use one technique for nearly everything. Visually, I merely apply the color of energy that my mind associates as good, which is blue, and I’ll watch it absorb the color of energy that my mind associates as bad, which is black. After a while, the problem usually goes away. Although, that’s what I mostly do for healing viral or bacterial infections, sometimes pain. Really, make the technique very simplistic and go with what feels right. Don’t force a change in your technique and use the color that gives you the impression of healing. It doesn’t even have to be color or energy. Whatever works. Again, research is important, knowing what you’re dealing with is always helpful as you can instantly know where the source is at and what can go wrong if anything goes wrong. Learn to scan as well, something I lack and it can be difficult to heal someone when they don’t actually know what or where the problem is at and if you find yourself in that situation, attempting might make things worse so always recommend the doctor before any psionic treatment.

How to practice:

Practicing is fairly difficult since one would need to be either sick or know someone that is sick to heal. It’s quite rude to heal people that don’t know or even deny one’s offer, it’d be the eqivlant of a doctor running up to someone and forcing a handful of pills down one’s throat. Not only is that rude, but it can very well end up getting the person sicker. Also, without asking or ignoring a turned down offer, it can come off as an attack which can make people very defensive and ruining the effects of the healing while putting yourself in risk of getting into some form of fight. So always ask before you do. My personal rule when starting off with healing is to make yourself into a dummy. Simply test techniques or gain a bit of experience, because, personally, if I screw up from doing something I don’t have knowledge on, only I will be harmed from it and nobody would have to suffer the consequence from any stupid mistakes.


Be smart and have a decent understanding of what you’re doing before attempting to heal others. Hopefully, this article will guide whoever reading this on the right path and remember, when dealing with any type of healing, from scientific medical treatment to psionics treatment, there are always risks and those risks should be acknowledged and understood in order to reduce the chances of mistakes. Research, research, research. Just in general, always do your research. Know what you’re getting yourself into when it comes to anything in life, especially when your dealing with your health or somebody’s heath. Thanks for anybody that reads this article.

– Neveza


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