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Exercise #10: Triple Stacked Psiwheel

This is a somewhat exaggerated(crudely-drawn) picture of what a triple-stacked psiwheel is supposed to look like.  Your triple stacked should resemble this picture, but the psiwheel tops should fit much more neatly into each other and not be floating in mid-air.



Well, you should have done “exercise #9: stacked psiwheel” before going here, so you should already know how to make one of these.  But, basically you make a psi wheel like usual, but instead of having one psiwheel top (see the picture for what I mean by “psiwheel top”), you should have three and they should be on top of each other.



The point of this exercise is to add even more friction to your practice object. You are currently training to move larger objects such as soda cans and pencils.  I realize that this exercise is probably getting pretty boring, but we’re going to be switching it up soon.

Length of Exercise: Until You Get Consistent Movement

Practice Time: 30 minutes (Per day, like always)

Materials Needed:

1.  Stacked psiwheel

2. Pen or pencil

3. Your journal


You are to work on getting the triple stacked psiwheel moving using telekinesis.  You should not continue to the next exercise until you can get this stacked psiwheel moving consistently.  

If at any moment you feel sick, have a headache, or get dizzy, you should stop immediately and get medical attention if needed.  

Remember to record everything in your journal.

Exercise #11: Analyze Your Journal

Think about all of the stacked psiwheel exercises you did. Go through all of your practice logs and make note of all of the positive and negative patterns in your practice habits, yourself, your methods, and your results.  If you find deficiencies in some of your abilities, such as your ability to make and program constructs, go correct that while simultaneously working on exercise 10: Triple stacked psiwheel.  After you have completed this, you may proceed to the next exercise.

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