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Exercise #14: The Tinfoil

For this exercise, you will be working on trying to move the tinfoil using telekinesis. The tinfoil is basically a balancing foil that you put on a surface that rotates like the psiwheel.  

This video is by a psionic practitioner who wishes to remain anonymous.

This is a step that some psionic practitioners find difficult. So do not give up if it has been a month and you haven’t gotten it yet.  Saintbob has provided a video to help you get over this step:

The above video is by Saintbob.

Materials Needed

1. Tinfoil

2. Scissors

Directions on How to Make the Tinfoil

Step 1

Cut the tinfoil into a small rectangle, but not as small as the psiwheel.


Step #2

Fold the small piece of tinfoil you created in the previous step in half the long way.


Step #3

Press your finger in the center so that the tinfoil has a spot to rest/balance on. Your tinfoil should not be placed on any sort of pin. It should be placed on a flat surface.


Now you have a finished tinfoil.  You should balance it on a flat surface for the purpose of your practice.

Length of Exercise: Until You Get Consistent, Confident Movement

Practice Time: 30 Minutes

Materials Needed:

1. Finished tinfoil

2. Pen or Pencil

3. Journal

4. Stacked Psiwheel


Watch Saintbob’s video above if you haven’t done so already.   Saintbob discusses an effective method of moving from the stacked psiwheel to the tinfoil.  Practice telekinesis using the stacked psiwheel for a period of a few minutes every day. When you are confident about its movement, switch over to trying to move the tinfoil. Do this until you  become frustrated or it hasn’t moved for a little while. Then switch back to the stacked psiwheel.  After becoming confident about the wheels movement again, switch back to the tinfoil. Keep repeating this process for a practice time total of 30 minutes per day.  Like always, if you get a headache or feel dizzy, stop immediately and seek medical attention if necessary. Record your results and practice details daily in your journal.  Do not proceed until you can get consistent movement.


This step is tough for some people and takes a lot of time (often over a month). Stick with it because the results are very rewarding.

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