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Definition of Terms

Throughout this manual you will find many terms which will more than likely seem very foreign to you. This is because they are very foreign to most of the human population. This manual was written by a group of telepaths with very little input from the outside world. That said, the terms and slang used inside are that which is considered slang terms or only known to telepaths. In this first section, we will go over these terms, and their definitions.

1) Navigation: The tracking down or maneuvering through a mind on the telepathic level. In this manual, Navigation is the name of a Section that discusses tracking one down based on their mental signature, gathering information about a target by use of items related to the target, and the use of the visulaization method to acquire a target (III A). It also discusses various methods of tracking down the source of an incoming signal. (III B)

2) Pinging: A ping is a very simple telepathic communication. It is more often than not simply a push or mental “bop”. This article discusses some of its uses (IV A), as well as its performance (IV B)

3) visulaization: visulaization, unlike the connotations it’s gotten from all those silly “Ki” web sites, is not the practice of guiding or controlling anything, it is simply picturing an image in ones mind. This is used for a few methods discussed in this article, most likely for targeting.

4) Pulse Sending: A method used by the Russians, pulse sending involves sending a message on a beat or pulse, normally tied in to ones heartbeat. If I were to want to send the color red, I would think “red” at the target each time my heart beat. This will be discussed in greater detail in the Pulse Sending section (V)

5) Broadcasting: Very much what it sounds, broadcasting is the relaying of a telepathic message to an area or group. Much like a radio tower, in most cases broadcasting is performed by simply tossing thoughts out into the air for anyone sensitive (or close) enough to listen. This is discussed in greater detail in section (VI)

6) Scanning: Scanning, as far as telepathy goes, is a method of finding information about a target via telepathic means. Scans vary in depth and accuracy. While a surface scan may turn up very little, for example, a shield shape and possibly surface thoughts, an in depth scan can uncover basically anything any one individual is thinking or has thought, without them necessarily having to be thinking it at the time. (VII)

7) Probes: Probes are a more advanced, so to speak, method of Scanning (see 6). Probes involve either energetic constructs, or low level “Hacking” (discussed later). They are usually for longer term monitoring of a target. (VII)

8) Suggestion: Telepathic Suggestion is the act of sending instructional information to a target, such as “get up and walk outside” or “don’t see me.” Discussed in VIII A.

9) Projection: Telepathic Projection is a method of projecting an image, thought, sound, or so forth into an area. For example, one would project the image of a person sitting on a bus. Discussed in VIII B.

10) Forced Hallucination:As the name states, the forcing of a hallucination upon a target. VIII C.

11) Hacking: Telepathic Hacking is a practice of accessing information from a targets mind, intercepting information being sent from one mind to another, interfering with said information, or distorting, destroying, or otherwise corrupting mental files.

12) Psionic Signature: A Psionic Signature (Psi-Sig) is a person’s mental fingerprint. All people have different psi-sigs, but some sigs are similar, and information can be derived from them.


This manual is not a joke. The material contained within is fully functional. Some of this information could be used to harm yourself or others. Therefore, the authors are NOT responsible for what you do with this information.

Those suffering of mental disorders or lapses should not use this manual. Mental disorders include, but are not limited to, MPD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Debilitating Legal Insanity, Psychopathic Tendencies, Downright Stupidity, and so forth.

This manual, while functional, does not guarantee results. We hope it is successful in training telepathy, however we are not liable for failure. This manual is being provided free of charge, and therefore the authors cannot be expected to guarantee delivery, however, again, we hope it does.

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  • alt_example

    Forrest March 2, 2015 at 7:02 am - Reply

    What happened to this article? In the spring of 2014 I found this article, and bookmarked it for when I had time to read it and practice it’s lessons. Now most of the technical stuff has been omitted and two whole sections are missing. Is there another place I can find the original un-edited guide? It was one of the most useful guides I had found and now I’m sad.

    • alt_example

      metalforever April 8, 2015 at 12:45 pm - Reply

      It’s split up into multiple pages.

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