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Some people are more successful than others when practicing Psionics:(. This observation was a curious one for me, because I was part of communities that boasted that Psionics was indeed “universally available” , if you will. It has been in vogue for quite a few years to say this, regardless of some of the experiences most veterans have to the contrary.  Even more eluding still is the phenomenon where individuals have some success with learning psychic abilities, but not an ample amount of success.  This seems to be the rule far more than the exception, at least as of this writing.

Which Areas Make Some People Better Than Others?

>  Differences in Free Time

> Genetics

Which Areas Make Some People Worse Than Others?

> Inability to stay focused.

> Inability to pay attention to psychic training task.

> Habit of pretending to be busy (saying there is no time because of bad time management, or because of laziness)

> Environmental factors

Why Do People Fail at Psionics?

1. Failing to read the beginners material.
2. Failure to practice for a long enough period of time.
3. Came from different communities or ideas that are contrasting with the way we conduct mentoring.
4. Has ideas which are misinformed. Please note that there are many individual ways to practice Psionics.  This category is reserved specifically for grossly exaggerated interpretations of abilities of beginners, or misinterpretations of beginning texts.
5. Lack of “time”. There are valid reasons for this. A lot of the time, however, this is used as an excuse to avoid practice.  We have guides available for those limited on free time.

However there are those that, even after troubleshooting and practicing diligently, that seem to still have issues with success.  I hypothesize that deficiencies exist in one’s ability to have self control.  Self control, within this context, has most or all of the following characteristics:

        > Able to think in a logical manner, with one idea flowing from the next idea in a logical fashion.
        > Ability to think about nothing for a period of at least 5 minutes without distraction.
        > Ability to focus on one topic for at least 5 minutes without distraction.
        > Able to focus on an activity without interruption for a period of at least 30 minutes.
        > Able to visualize one image for at least 5 minutes without interruption.

Self-control seems to be an appropriate reason for not having success because self-control and monitoring contributes positively towards differentiating between your thoughts and feelings and other individuals’ thoughts and feelings when practicing telepathy and empathy.  Furthermore, self control helps you to focus appropriately on psychokinesis tasks without distraction.  It seems to be a trend that those mature individuals possessing these skills are the ones most likely to have success.    Psionics is a highly “mental” exercise. It only makes sense that you should exercise your mental control and be sure that you can control your own thoughts before you try to influence the environment around you.    I have also been seeing such a success trend in my personal practices.

How Do We Decrease Success Variation?

Naturally, the goal should be to decrease the time towards successful psychic or psionic development, while also contributing towards the practitioners well-being in other areas, such as maturity and concentration.  Our goal, as a community, should be accessibility.   It is hypothesized that there could be varying reasons for success variation, amongst the most popular being varying concentration levels, varying maturity, and varying focus ability.

Now that we know that these may be issues, how do we minimize them?  This is a task which has eluded me for many years as a mentor.  However, I have decided that a good approach might be to teach these self-control skills in conjunction with your practices so that all beginning practitioners are on a similar playing field in regards to self-control.     The exercises contained on this website present to you a way to increase your self-control in order to aid the success likelihood of your practices and efforts.

Of course, there are some negative repercussions for the community by introducing self-control before “flamboyant” abilities such as psychokinesis.  New practitioners may be less likely to continue practice with results that do not seem amazing in nature.  Previously, it has been a fad to introduce energy manipulation or psychokinesis first, in order to prove to the practitioner that Psionics exists, before encouraging practices such as meditation, which tended to be reserved for “veteran” practitioners.  Of course these options are still available to practitioner, however they are no longer emphasized.

However, perhaps this is for the best, because those who are not dedicated will not experience a lot of success.  For lack of better words, those who are not willing to do exercises diligently will see Psionics as a “waste of time” because they never get anywhere with their personal development.  A lot of this sort of behavior results from lack of mental discipline.  These sorts of people never stick around and tend to drain the limited resources of the community.

Final Thoughts

Our goal as a public psychic community is to provide resources that appeal and are effective to wide ranges of individuals.  Some have more mental discipline than others, and we have provided the reading material and resources to remove this barrier for motivated practitioners.  This beginners guide has resources to help you remove these gaps. As a practitioner, you should strive to read all of the beginners materials, and practice in a focused and logical way.

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