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Telepathy is defined as “communication from one mind to another without using sensory perceptions” (wordreference.com dictionary). It is a useful and fun skill to practice; on the internet to practice with your friends or in your daily basis when you are talking to your family. This article will try to point out different approaches to use this skill. I will divide it into three simple steps, so hopefully it will be easier to understand.

Step #1 – Meditation

Now, why meditation? Meditation has been proved scientifically to help you feel better emotionally or mentally. This is because once you acknowledge what bothers you and let it go, you can feel more relaxed. If you are new to meditation, a good exercise would be to count from 1 to 20 – breathing through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. It is recommended to be in a very relaxed state where you almost have no interferences (like thoughts). If your mental activity is too high, the chances of getting AOL ( Analytical Overlay) can be high.

Step #2 – Identifying the target

This is a bit obvious, isn’t it? Telepathy can’t be practiced alone, unfortunately. Now there are a few things to discuss here. First of all, if you don’t know your target (like most times when you practice over IRC) it can be a bit harder at the beginning. Why? Because your lack information about the person. For that reason I will present you a simple solution: Use the nickname as the target. Now, in real life you won’t have that problem. You can see the person, so you’ll know how to indentify the person.

Step #3 – Sending/Receiving

This is where most people have problems, especially in receiving. Common problems are: “I can’t receive anything.”, “I am not sure how to send it.”, “It is hard to lock on the target.” among other similar problems. The solution is simple: practice. There is no other way but to practice.

This step can be a tricky one because it depends from person to person. You can use visualization method or the infamous “Just do it” method. I am not going to mention other ways because those two are the ones I recommend due to their level of simplicity and effectiveness.

Visualization method: Visualize an empty room with a pond in the middle. It is a clear water pond. Every time you get a thought the water turns dark; no thoughts means crystal clear water and a lot of thoughts means a dark and impossible to see the bottom of the pond. Now ask yourself the following questions: What, who and why. For example, if you are practicing with Hall_of_Ice shapes and colors you would ask yourself, “What is Hall_of_ice sending to me in this shapes and colors practice?” You have successfully identified your target, your objective and the possibility of what you might receive or even send. You can use the same questions to identify what you need. How does the pond analogy apply to all this? When you are receiving, the pond will act as the reflector of your target’s sent object. When sending, the pond acts as the reflector of your target. If the water is clear, the reflection is visible. When the water is dark, no reflection can happen.

Just do it method: This method can be a bit more complicated for beginners for the simple reason that you might not know -how- to do it. Even when you don’t know the -how-, you will discern with practice what is right and what is wrong.

Summary – Quick Guide to Telepathy

1. Relax

2. Identify your target

3. Send/Receive

Now that the article is over I want to remind you that practice is the key to perfection. A body builder can’t lift 300 pounds in one day, so you shouldn’t expect to be perfect your first day or even month. Perfection comes through practice and dedication.

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen” -Frank Lloyd Wright


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