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Exercise #9: Switch it Up: Stacked Psiwheel

By now you should be proficient in at least getting the practice object to move.  I am assuming at this point that you have had at least some sort of success.    If you are having difficulties with the pendulum(due to it being slightly heavier), try with a different practice object.  Further, if you have not yet gotten the object to move, there are other telekinesis resources on the website for you to try.

Today we are going to be working on moving the stacked psi wheel (pictured below, quite crudely):


Basically, make a psi wheel like you would normally, but make two “tops” and stack them on each other.  The point of doing this is that we are going to be working with an object with a little bit more friction than what you are used to.  I have provided some instructions below for people that do not know how to make this.

Materials Needed

1. A piece of paper

2. Scissors

3. A pin or needle (be careful)

4. An eraser, or something else to stick the needle into.  If you have nothing to stick the needle into here, you can just choose any malleable surface and use tape.


Step 1


Get a piece of paper and cut it into a  two squares as shown.  

Step #2


Fold along the dotted lines as shown.  Remember that we are doing it twice this time. You want to fold horizontally and vertically in one direction, but fold diagonally in the other direction.

Step #3


You want to push inward where all of the diagonal folds are at, but not where the horizontal and vertical folds are at.  Do this twice- once with one square, and once with the other.

Step #4


This image should look something like your psiwheel(from above) so far.   You should have two of these.

Step #5


This is what the top of the psi wheel looks like. You should have two of these.

Step #6


If you haven’t already done so, grab your needle and eraser. Place one of the psiwheel tops on the needle as shown.

Step #7


Gently and carefully place the pin/needle into the eraser. If you do not have an eraser, grab a surface and a piece of tape. Gently poke a hole into the surface. Secure the pin in place on the bottom side using a piece of tape.

Step #8: Stack the Psiwheel Tops

Gently place the top of one psiwheel top on top of the other. The final result should look something like the image below, though more “compressed” as the second psiwheel shouldn’t be floating in midair(it was drawing that way to illustrate a point).  


As imagined, you can probably also do the same thing with the paper boats.  Make sure that when you rotate the psiwheel, it rotates somewhat freely and does not get caught.

Length of Exercise: Until You Get Consistent Movement

Practice Time: 30 minutes

Materials Needed:

1.  Stacked psiwheel

2. Pen or pencil

3. Your journal


Your task is to move the psiwheel using the method you created in exercise #8, a newly created method, or one you find most effective. You are to work on getting the stacked psiwheel moving using telekinesis.

Be sure to check for drafts in the room, and make sure breathing in and out does not affect the movement of the psiwheel. Please do not use your hands.

If at any moment you feel sick, have a headache, or get dizzy, you should stop immediately and get medical attention if needed.  

Remember to record everything in your journal.

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