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On most energy based websites you see an article, video, or something that stresses beyond belief, the use of sensitivity work. Of course to the fresh mind this only appears to be boring and trivial work, so it most of the time takes a back seat to all of the oh too cool things like moving tiny pieces of paper in circles for hours, months, and years. Well, from my understanding the practice and understanding of sensitivity is probably the most and possibly only important practice in Psionics as a whole.

Most people are probably looking at this post like I’m crazy right now, which is fine with me. This is not something that takes large amounts of explanation because it’s something you have to take upon yourself to experience. When you start practicing and getting deeper with your sensitivity work you realize that everything contained within’ psionics is affected by your level of sensitivity and control of that sensitivity. All perceptive abilities are more easily workable with a higher level of sensitivity, as are the more active ones like Astral Projection and even PK for those still interested in the topic today.

As opposed to sitting down and writing out how sensitivity can be workable in all of these fields plus some, I’m going to give you an exercise that can be used to help develop your sensitivity and extremely useful for those interested in astral projection. Just practicing this exercise will help you farther on down the road with anything on a metaphysical level. For more information on how the use of sensitivity helps with everything else you have two options I suppose, either begin practicing and experiencing/experimenting yourself, or just sit around anxiously until I write on more topics and touch on the subject. I think the first one would be most beneficial for you but I could be wrong.

To begin sit on the floor or bed with your legs extended straight out in front of you. It isn’t comfortable for me to sit like this to me without crossing my legs while extended, so I don’t see an issue with situating yourself in a way that makes you comfortable. The only important thing here is to be able to look at your legs from the hip to your toes. The exercise is as follows:

Begin by focusing on your hip and start moving your eyes slowly from your hip to your toes and back again. As you do this you will notice that your focus isn’t on any one particular part of your leg but rather on the entire leg and is magnified based on where your eyes are located. Continue this movement on one leg until you feel comfortable and then move onto the other leg. As you continue doing this get the picture in your head that the leg you are looking at is only a vessel to the actual leg underneath. Continue practicing this exercise until your awareness expands from beyond your legs to consume your entire body.

While continuing this practice you may experience that your awareness expands beyond your body and even contains the entire room your in. I don’t feel the need to try to give you more details than this because I’m a firm believer in personal development and discovery so I leave it up to you to experiment or ignore it entirely. I however can assure you that if you continue the practice and development of your sensitivity you won’t be sorry.

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