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1) Sending short messages. Pulse Sending as a process is very simple, however, the process is such that it can only send very short, simple concepts, in order to do so in rate with the heartbeat.
2) Communicating over long distances with minimum distortion. The Russians, as mentioned before (IA) used this to communicate with submarines deep under pack ice. The result was a clear message, due to both the simplicity of the concept and the repetitive sending of such.
3) Emphasis/Emergency Sendings. The nature of Pulse Sending is such that it can be done quickly and efficiently, with very little preparation or skill.


There is only one real way to go about Pulse Sending, and that can be detailed in steps. The first step is, as in all telepathic applications, to identify a target. Once you have identified the target, you should focus on what you want to Send. For instructional purposes, we will use the example of the color Red. Once you have identified both a target and a signal to send, begin thinking, like in pinging, at the target. Mentally “push forward” at the target, while visualizing the target’s face. Push forward each time your heart beats, for 20 seconds. Wait 5 seconds, and repeat.

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