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Subtle Energy is in all things, from the water you drink the the rocks on the moon.  This energy, by its nature, stores information.  The length of time that information remains intact in energy varies significantly; how and why information’s lifespan in energy varies is a combination of environmental factors and the strength of the event/intent that imprinted the information. Intentionally storing or reading specific information using a physical matrix (be it air, crystals or something in-between, like water) is frequently called psychometry.  Energy, being naturally receptive stores information all on its own, allowing a skilled psion to know the recent history of an object or location.


Psychometry has various uses in the every day.  A practiced psychometrist, or “token-object reader”, can detect the owner of a lost object, tell the significance of said object to that person, and potentially locate the owner using the object as a sort of resonant detector.  Even with a medial degree of skill, it is possible to communicate simple things in messages left for another practitioner.  If you and a friend both practice psychometry there is room for much practical use.  You can have a a “message stone” Leaving very simple concepts like “at store,” or emotions like “angry/leave alone,” both potentially useful and an excellent way to attain and maintain skills.  Remember, psychometry is essentially an extension of empathy, clairvoyance, telepathy, or even precognition, so you’re practicing these skills all at once, making it a way to exercise many capabilities at once.


Psychometry is simple in theory but can take some significant effort to work in practice.  Very simply one is either implanting or reading patterned energy in an object.  The simplest information to read or implant in this way, for most people, is emotion.  Particularly empaths often unwittingly perform psychometry when entering a room where intense emotions were experienced (and similar situations) and picking up on the emotions felt.  The mechanics are simple, one scans an object much as they would scan anything else, imbuing an object is a mere matter of experiencing or intentionally implanting a specific pattern, be it emotional or other.

To perform psychometry I suggest you first develop a regular sensory skill such as empathy, and then simply try to apply that skill to inanimate objects.  Try practicing with a friend, taking turns charging the object with a pattern then trying to read the imbued pattern.  Just remember to cleanse the object between readings.  Scrambling or removing then replacing the energy in the object ought to be sufficient to cleanse an object, however if it is not you can use more traditional methods, leaving the object in salt water for 24 hours, if practical (particularly with stones) is effective, as is the application of significant heat.  Heat is energy, if of a different quality than you’re working with in psionic work, and clears patterns pretty effectively, much as it can be used to demagnetize a metal.

The extremity of emotion or intention an event is charged with seriously impacts its longevity in a given object, someone whistling out of tune doesn’t retain its clarity as well as someone fearing for their life, the amount of energy patterned by these two events are very different.  Different materials also contribute to the quality of preservation of information, crystals and other stones are widely noted for their superior preservation of patterned energy, rotting wood on the other hand really doesn’t have much physical coherency and so speeds the degradation of patterns.  As a general rule, the more stable a material is, the better it serves as a physical matrix for patterned energy.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to use psychometry practically or as a tool to practice a variety of skills simultaneously, be sure to take the practice seriously.  Try not to offer false positives to other readers and discourage it with your partners.  Psychometry can be hard to learn, but when truly learned it is a surprisingly valuable skill.  Be well, do well.

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