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Clearing Your Mind

1) Breathing-Counting method

Close your eyes and take a nice, deep breath. Release the breath slowly. Continue this, and begin to count the exhalation. Take nice, easy, slow breaths. Continue counting to 20. Disregard sensory data, thoughts, emotions, and the like. Repeat as necessary. This method is good because it gives your conscious mind something to do while calming your subconscious mind.

2) Bob Peterson Lightning Method

“So here’s an exercise for focusing your consciousness down to a quiesced[sic] state: Have you ever seen a flash of lightning, and stopped to listen for the thunder? Or perhaps you heard someone knocking at your door or the telephone ringing from several rooms away? At those times, you tend to stop thinking and listen. And your mind is quiesced[sic] for a second or two. Well, pretend that some sound will occur in the future, and just listen for it. For a short time, your consciousness will stop all processing and go into a quiesced[sic] state. As you practice, increase the length of time that you listen.” – http://www.robertpeterson.org/chap16.html

3) Coloring

Coloring, yes, like little kids do, is a very good method for clearing ones mind. Doodling with a pencil is always a good, relaxing act, however, better than that is coloring or drawing with crayons or colored pencils. Blues and teals will create a calming effect, while red excites. Green alone is a soothing color. Yellow and orange are both cheering. These colors should help clear the mind, as they create effects like so, and the act of coloring distracts the analytical mind.

Grounding and Centering

The ever-famous methods for psychoenergetics taught on just about every credible site. This is a pretty common practice, and could be adapted to telepathic use. Therefore, it is wise to understand the mechanism

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