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Exercise #12: Practice Object Under Glass

This is where things start getting interesting and fun. Use your stacked psiwheel from exercise #10. Find a piece of clear plastic or glass to put the psiwheel under.


I have provided a crudely drawn illustration above.   Some psionic practitioners claim that this is actually just as easy as doing the same exercise without the clear glass or plastic. However, many practitioners may find this difficult because the clear glass or plastic creates an artificial barrier in your mind.  


Remember when I said back in an earlier exercise how the mind is like a mirror? Most of your life, you have perceived glass or clear plastic as inhibiting your ability to interact with objects.  However, telekinesis can work even when the object is covered under glass.

This exercise, while being an exercise in telekinesis, is also an exercise in belief, because you need to convince yourself that the glass or clear plastic is not an inhibitor to your psychic ability to move the object. With me so far?

Belief structure was touched upon heavily in the introduction to psionics guide, and heavily in exercise #3 of this guide. You should review your experiences from exercise three, and the text in the introduction to psionics guide to help you get a feel for altering your belief structure once more.

Length of Exercise: Until You Get Consistent Movement

Practice Time: 30 minutes

Materials Needed:

1.  Stacked psiwheel

2. Pen or pencil

3. Your journal

4. Clear glass or plastic that completely covers the practice object


First, make sure that the object can freely move around under the glass or plastic. Don’t keep moving the glass or plastic around during the practice because I have had experiences where it actually caused the psiwheel inside to move. My feeling was that this has to do with the glass or plastic interacting with the practice surface.  Do not use your hands . Do not put your hands on the glass or plastic.

You are to move the practice object consistently under the glass/plastic using telekinesis.  I recommend that you incorporate belief structure-altering exercises as you did during exercise three of this guide. If you don’t remember what that means, consult the following exercises simultaneously while practicing this one:

In the Introduction Guide:

Exercise #5: Assume an Opposite Belief

Exercise #6: Assume a State of Disinterest

Exercise #7: Assuming a Confident State of Mind

You can also do some related reading on these pages:

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If at any moment you feel sick, have a headache, or get dizzy, you should stop immediately and get medical attention if needed.  

Remember to record everything in your journal.

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