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Exercise #1:  Passively Allow Images to Arise in Conscious Thought

Sit down in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.   Close your eyes and attempt to remain passive.   That is, try to think of nothing, but don’t shove thoughts out of your mind if you become distracted. Try to avoid “losing yourself” or daydreaming. We will consider “losing yourself” or daydreaming for the purpose of this exercise a break in mental focus.   Allow images to rise to your conscious mind.  

Do this for 7-9 minutes per day until you have less than 4 breaks in mental focus, or have practiced for at least a week, whichever is longer.  Record your results and your thought processes in your journal.

Once you find that this becomes easy, increase the time you do it per day to 15-17 minutes and work until you have less than six breaks in focus during this time.


This exercise has a tendency to bring to your mind concepts which aren’t necessarily accessible to your conscious, waking self.   As a result, this method, once you have gained more experience, has the tendency to be effective for extra-sensory perception applications.

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