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I’ve noticed that there seems to be a large population of people who have attempted to learn and acquire psychic abilities, but have only achieved limited results. Maybe the results were a little cool, but overall, it wasn’t impressive or notable.

The question comes down to: what is the difference between someone with substantial achievements in their psychic pursuits, and another who simply has mediocre results?

Before I attempt to answer this question, let me make one thing clear: I don’t know the answer  .:-) I do not know how psychic abilities work, nor do I know the formula for success. What I can offer is my perspective and experiences. I believe I’m one of the many who has had notable results, and I think I might be able to help those that think they’re stuck at a mediocre level.

A Solid Base

First, let’s do some house cleaning. Priorities and overall goals are a large factor here.

You will probably be stuck at mediocre results if:

1. You want to develop psychic abilities because you’re bored, and it sounds cool. (Because you will only put in enough effort to cure your boredom).

2. You don’t actually practice, but you just like hanging out with weird folks online. (Because achieving results usually takes some effort, like learning any other skill).

3. You want to beat up someone at school with your awesome mind-control skillz. (Because your maturity will grow faster than your abilities… I hope).

4. You want to do something you saw in the movies. (Because movies are fictional, and at best are exaggerations of reality).

5. You want immediate results. (Because learning a new skill takes time, no matter what that skill is).

Those are pretty obvious, and I hope that if you’re reading this, you don’t seriously fall into one of the categories above. If you do, then that’s no big deal – but don’t get bummed out when you don’t have the results you were expecting. Becoming proficient in psychic abilities is just like any other skill, like playing the piano, or learning to speak a new language. It takes effort. The more effort you put in, the better results you’ll get (in general).

What are some good goals to have? Well, I learn and practice my psychic abilities because I am fascinated by reality and truth. I love doing things that others think is impossible, especially if at one time I thought it was impossible myself. It’s about outgrowing an old mindset, and stepping into a bigger world. This goal has allowed me to stay focused and motivated for a long time. I didn’t choose or design this goal consciously – it’s something that I feel inside of me that keeps me going automatically. If you ask some other people who have developed their psychic abilities quite a bit, you’ll likely find they have much more deeper goals than just doing something cool. Don’t get me wrong – psychic abilities are totally cool! But that’s not the prime motivating facility.

Don’t Listen to Anyone

No one knows how psychic abilities function. NO ONE. Including myself. So don’t listen to us. If someone starts preaching some “truth” to you, don’t treat it as gospel. My ego is flattered when people follow my instructions religiously, but ultimately – it’s not healthy. And it will lead to failure. If you are a follower, then you will probably be stuck at mediocre results. You will only consume whatever small successes the leaders have achieved. If you want to step it up, then you need to lead yourself.

There are phases that one should go through. Usually, when you first learn about psychic abilities, it’s a whole new world of ideas. At this stage, it’s highly encourage to read and take in a lot of ideas, information, and techniques. The reason for this is so that you won’t ask annoyingly broad questions, like “how do I do telepathy?” or “any tips for psychokinesis?” These questions make me irate  .:-)

After you have a solid foundation of ideas, and have practiced with the standard techniques for a little bit, you need to go into a new phase. You need to switch modes from learning what others have done, to creating your own path.

If you want more results, you need to take personal responsibility for your results. You need to be self-reliant, and do what makes sense to YOU. Stop asking for help. Stop looking for someone else to tell you what to do. Think for yourself, come up with a plan, and do it! Yes, sometimes you will fail. That’s the price you have to pay for meaningful results. You can either be stuck at mediocre, waiting around for everyone else to tell you what to do, or you can take charge and evolve your own understanding.

Practice Correctly

When you are just starting out, your practice routine should be exactly what the standard techniques tell you to do. If step one says meditate – then meditate. If step two says visualize – then visualize.

Once you finish with that phase and decide to start leading yourself, then you need to modify your practice. Don’t do what the standard techniques tell you. Modify the techniques, insert new steps, try entirely new approaches, experiment with different belief structures, skip steps, mix techniques, etc. This is now the correct way to practice.

When starting out, the correct way to practice is very procedural, and step by step. This will get you the mediocre results, which serve as a great start. But when it’s time to move on, then you need to start using your creative mind, and try new things without asking for permission.

Be Open Minded

Lastly, you absolutely must be open minded. This does not mean gullible. Being open minded simply means that when someone comes to you with a new idea, then take it in and digest it. Have respect for the person who is presenting this idea to you – clearly they must believe in it to some degree, so even if it sounds insane from your perspective, it is very real from their perspective.

The reason this is important is because of the axiom of this article: no one knows how psychic abilities function. Never treat anything as gospel, and never outright dismiss someone else’s perspective. There is a happy middle-ground, where ideas are treated as ideas, nothing more, nothing less. Truth can be evasive, so you must always stay alert.

In conclusion, there is a certain mindset that a lot of successful psychics have. Meaningful goals, independent thought, and open mindedness has shown itself to be stronger than any individual technique. Why do you think experienced psychics argue over techniques? Because we usually create them ourselves, over a long time of trial and error, and feel a strong sense of pride and ownership for them  . :-) If you are stuck at mediocre, then stop walking behind us, and start walking beside us.


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