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Finding Your Targets Mind

1) Recalling information about your target.

The first method we will discuss for finding your target is by recalling information about your target. To do so, you could remember the feeling that person gave you upon meeting. If you spoke to the person, you could remember their voice or vocal tones, and Send to the person with that particular voice, intending them. You could also recall their physical appearance. One method the Russians were fond of in their experiments was mentally visualizing (IA3) the targets face or physical body.

2) Target Related Items

Another method of tracking a target is by the use of items related to the target. The first step to this is, obviously, acquire an object that is in some way or another related to the target. Then, using your non-dominant hand (do NOT use your dominant hand), run your fingers or your hand’s energy field over the field of the object. Target the feeling of the pattern you get from the object.

 Backtrailing an incoming signal

1) Tagging the route source

The first step to tagging the route source of an incoming signal is to find an incoming signal. Easy enough. One method of back-trailing it is to make a small construct that follows the signal back to the source. This is an easy enough task, and can be performed like any other constructs, however constructs are outside the scope of this manual.

Another construct method is the Hunter-Tracker constructs. These are semi-intelligent constructs designed to follow the signal. However, one should be warned that armed or hostile variations of these are considered attacks, and these can be traced.

The third and probably most simple method of tracking a signal is observing the psionic signature of an incoming signal, and comparing it to known signals.

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