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Preliminary Exercise #2: Be Mindful of Your Mental State

Find a quiet room where you will not be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Spend 5 minutes observing your thoughts.  The goal here is to just try not to lose track of the thoughts you are having.  You want to be mindful of your thoughts the whole time.  A break in focus is when you lose track of your thoughts.  

You should do this exercise for a week. Note how many breaks in focus you have in your journal. Remember to write in your journal every day after the exercise is completed. If this is too easy later on in the week, spend 10 minutes on this exercise instead.


The goal here is to get into the habit of completing an exercise every single day. This is a will-strengthening exercise. Another purpose of this exercise is to aid you in the ability to not become distracted as you are practicing telekinesis. Please do not skip this or any of the other preliminary exercises.

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