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Very Basics of Mind-Body Psychic Phenomena

In our community, we consider Out-of-Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Bilocation and in some cases, meditation as part of this category.  Out-of-Body experiences may be referred to as simply OOBE’s or OBE’s, while Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection may be abbrieviated LD and AP, respectively.

Realistic Mind-Body Experiences

Extraordinary psychic claims when referencing mind-body experiences as described here tend to be less of an issue than other abilities, such as telekinesis (Psychokinesis), ESP, or Energy Constructs.  However, that does not mean that they don’t happen.  Examples of unrealistic claims made by beginners in regards to mind-body psychic phenomena occur most frequently within the areas of astral projection and bilication. Unrealistic claims made by a beginner(or almost any practitioner of psionics or psychic abilities) might be that one has formed his/her own army on the astral plane, which is fighting against someone elses army(delusional much?, especially in the case of a beginner), or claiming the psychic ability to simultaneously be visible physically in two places.

Out-of-Body Experiences, What Are They, Really?

Out-of-Body Experiences (OOBE or OBE for short), within the context of Psionics and psychic abilities, can be defined as an experience where one perceives his/her self to be outside of his/her own body.  Whether this event actually occurs outside of one’s body, or is just an illusion remains to be proven.  To say whether or not this “psychic” event actually occurs out-of-body would be at best, an assumption, and at worst, complete misinformation and a great misdeed towards one new with psychic and psychic phenomena.  Both viewpoints are argued within contempory science and parapsychology, and also within our own community.  We encourage the curious to try it for themselves (at their own risk of course), in order to form their own spiritual conclusions. Unrealistic psychic / psionic practice for a beginner in OBE’s might include attempting to be perceived physically by others, expecting to understand OBEs fully within one week, or even one month’s time, or by attempting to have an OBE while walking, or while engaging in something relatively “active”.  Realistic psychic /psionic practice for a beginner in OBE’s might include a log (will be discussed in detail later, and weekly patient practice.

 Lucid Dreaming: A Definition

Lucid Dreaming (LD), within the context of Psionics and psychic abilities, can be defined as dreaming where there sleeper is aware that he/she is dreaming.  There are three *main* methods of producing a lucid dream, which are DILD, WILD and MILS.  DILD, or dream-initated lucid dreams, can be defined as the process where one slowly realizes during the dream process that he/she is sleeping.  WILD, or wake-initiated lucid dreams, are lucid dreams whereby the practitioner induces a lucid-dreaming state from consciousness, and experiences no perceived lapse in consciousness. MILD, or mnemonic-initiated lucid dreams, are lucid dreams whereby the practitioner intentionally affirms to him/herself that he/she will in fact have a lucid dream upon reaching the dream state.  Beginners with a *realistic* view regarding lucid dreaming will take many of the same steps that one might take with attemping an out-of-body experience, that is patient, diligent practice, while recording progress in a log.  Beginners with an *unrealistic* view regarding lucid dreaming may expect to get it the first time, or may have outlandish views regarding how they feel lucid dreaming works.

Astral Projection: What is It?

Astral Projection (AP), within the context of Psionics and psychic abilities, can be defined as any method of projection that involves projecting the astral body unto the astral plane.  A commonly held view is that Astral Projection is a form of out-of-body experience.  However, one of the most prevalant views within this community is that astral projection involves any form of projection to the astral plane, while out-of-body experiences (OBE), are said to occur on the etheral plane, and appear more realistic in nature. A beginner should not practice astral projection until he/she has proficient skills elseware, and understands the risks that astral projecting holds.  The practitioner must also understand that he/she practices astral projection (AP) at his/her own risk.  The astral plane is more suceptable to thought processes than the physical or etheral planes.  If a beginner chooses to practice astral projection (AP), against the advisement of others, a realistic view of astral projection is cautious and reflective.  Was the experience completely valid, or is there a chance that it could have been imaginary?  An unrealistic view of astral projection is an unskeptical and unanalytical view.


Bilocation (also called multilocation), within the context of Psionics and psychic abilities, is a skill whereby an individual has the apparent ability to appear in two places at once.  A realistic view of bilocation is one where the individual simply views some other event as if there, from a distance.  An unrealistic view for perhaps even the advanced user of Psionics or psychic abilities, is one where an individual believes he/she can be seen physically in two locations at the same time.  While there are supposed cases of the latter phenomenon, let such a view be explored with caution and great skepticism.

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