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Exercise #13: How to Use Telekinesis to Get What You Want

This exercise is pretty controversial.  I have gotten the inspiration for this lesson from Uncle Chuckies “Elementary Psionics“.

This exercise requires the use of a pendulum. If you don’t already have one, you should probably read the section on how to make one.   But, the general gist of it is that you are to tie a weight to a piece of string. Be careful to make sure that the weight is not biased in any way.  For this exercise, you probably should not be taping the string to the ceiling.

How Does Telekinesis Relate to Getting What You Want?

A little while ago, I took a walk down to my area’s local psychic / occult shop with someone I know to collect barter for some services that we offered to the occult community.   While looking for items for trade, I came across a set of a few pendulums (image below) and thought about what psychokinesis was like for me back in 2005/2006.


When I was a beginner in telekinesis, I refused to create a psiwheel because for me that was too complicated. I decided that the pendulum was a much better object and practiced with that instead (every article at the time had you doing stuff with a psi wheel, and using a pendulum instead was a little blasphemous).  I created a makeshift pendulum(basically a weight tied to a string) and tried moving it and used the tip to determine movement.

As it turns out, I realized years later (recently), that I may have been right all along about using a pendulum instead (ha).  A common complaint amongst practitioners of all skill levels with psychokinesis is that, sure, it’s fine as a parlor trick, but when am I actually going to use it for something useful?  This section is an attempt to appeal to those people.

Uncle Chuckie, the godfather of radionics (basically props for psionic operations) proposed in many of his ebooks that you may use objects to enhance your ability to perform psychic abilities.  One example similar to an example in his book, Elementary Psionics, is to place a picture(tape it to your wall) of the change you wish to see in your life.  Point a flashlight set to the on position at the picture on your wall and direct psi towards the intent or change you want to see.  The flashlight helps you with your visualization process. You can convince yourself using belief structure exercises that the light shining is actually psi, and that by you pointing the flashlight at the picture of your intent, you are directing energy towards what you want to happen.


How Does this Actually Work?

I introduced this concept briefly in the “Introduction to Psionics” section, titled “A Formal Introduction to the Use of Symbol”.  You should go re-read that and practice the content from “A Practical Treatise on the Use of Symbol” before attempting this exercise. But, the point is that psionics as a whole makes heavy use of  the idea of symbol.  

Much like mathematics has been created as a framework for understanding and using physical processes as a tool, we use the understanding we do have in psi(the “stuff” that makes psionics work) to formulate frameworks to sufficiently help explain phenomena we do not yet fully understand ( we do not yet formally understand how Psionics works).  

You can and do create symbolic frameworks to help you understand and manipulate psi. An example of a symbolic framework you have used is contained in exercise 3.  The point of the exercise was that you wanted your beginners object to move during telekinesis. You wanted to get through to the object the idea of “movement” if that makes sense.  So, you used a “link” as a symbol which means “I can communicate with this object”.   This is what we are doing here.

In Uncle Chuckie’s example above, the light flashing on the image is just another symbol which means ” I am directing my will unto this object”.

Telekinesis and Radionics?

The basic idea is to use the practice device(the pendulum) as a radionics device as well as a telekinesis device at the very same time.  What does this actually mean?

I got the idea to set up a system like the one pictured below.  The idea is to get a pendulum-type object and hang it from something close to the table you are sitting at so that it has a 360 degree range of motion. I advise against hanging it from a metal loop-type structure(commonly found on necklace) because it biases the movement of the pendulum. I chose a pendulum device with a large circular bead at the end.  You can put a hole in the object you decide to hang it from that is smaller than the size of the bead so that you can hang your pendulum from it.


You want to place this device on a table near you and tape a piece of paper underneath the pendulum so that the pendulum is centered in the middle of the paper.

How to Get What You Want

What this paper actually has on it depends on what you want. For example, if you would like to ace that exam next week, you would make something that looks something like what is below.  You want to place the middle of the paper directly under the pendulum, and you want to have two spots on the paper that say “I will ace the exam next week” that are at 180 degrees from each other(pictured below).   I would probably advise against putting opposite statements on different parts of the paper in case you are not as good at psychokinesis as you hope to someday be. You don’t want to accidentally cause the opposite effect. Placing these things at the edge or touching a circle(with the center containing the pendulum) is probably optimal(why is discussed later).   You want to create the same statement at 180 degrees from an identical statement because pendulums have the tendency swing back to the right after being telekinetically pushed to the left.


Symbolically, the pendulum represents the outcome of your exam.  Right now it is in the center of the circle, representing indifference.  By doing telekinesis on the object to move it towards “A good grade is achieved on the exam” you are psionically representing that you are moving the outcome of your exam to a good grade.  Touching the edge of the circle can be represented as achieving that good grade (if that makes sense).  Using telekinesis is different from just pushing the pendulum to “good grade” because you are putting effort into the good grade outcome, and relaying that to your mind.

Causing Change to Environment

Another interesting example might be making or buying a pendulum with a hidden chamber.  You can buy such things on various online stores.  If you don’t really feel like it or made something with particularly makeshift-type properties(ie you are cheap or poor), you could use tape instead.  

To Cause Change to Your Environment:

1.  Find a particularly appealing picture of the environment you want to change.

You can find these by using the internet, photoshop, or just drawing it yourself.

2. Print this out or draw this on a very small piece of paper.

Chambers in these things aren’t very large.

3. Place inside hidden chamber or tape to pendulum.

4. Create strategic piece of paper.

For example, say you want to make sure it is sunny outside today because you want to go for a hike.  The projected storm has a 40-50% chance of hitting where you wish to hike.  In this case you would print out a picture of the park you want to visit.  You would place this picture inside of the hidden chamber or tape it to the pendulum.  You would create a strategic piece of paper with a sun or something similar drawn on it.  The idea is to telekinetically try to move the pendulum closer to the sun on the paper.


How Does this Work?

The pendulum serves as a radionic “prop” of sorts.  In the case of the “causing change to your environment” example, by placing something in the hidden chamber, or taping it to your pendulum, you can effectively act as if the pendulum represents the object that was taped or placed into the chamber.  So when you try to make it sunny outside, you are effectively moving the state of the park into the state of being sunny.  The sun represents the state you wish the object inside of the pendulum to represent.   Placing a circle on the piece of paper might be effective, because in your head when you are reaching to the circle telekinetically, actually reaching the circle can represent a change in state.

Furthermore, this idea is supported by the fact that you are putting energy towards something you want for the entire duration of your practice.   Effectively, the whole process acts as a focus medium.

You can come up with your own examples depending on what you actually want. The item on the paper should be the state you want something to achieve, and the item in the hidden chamber should be or represent that actual something.  If you are having trouble visualizing this or making the connection, it wouldn’t hurt to practice a focused meditation or to engage in self-affirmation exercises.

Additional Thoughts

Traditionally, many psions(practitioners of psionics) have been discouraged from psychokinesis by the “lack” of practical applications with macro-psychokinesis. It is my hope that I have successfully given you ideas for practical applications of your psychokinesis practices, and helped to remove the stigma from practitioners(especially those who are more experienced), about psychokinesis.

Length of Exercise: Until You Get Consistent Results

Practice Time: 15 minutes, Do stacked psiwheel exercise(15-20 minutes) at the same time

Materials Needed:

1.  Pendulum or weight

2. String

3. Books

4. Cardboard or something else to tape the pendulum to

5. Pen or pencil

5. Your journal

6. Paper with a circle on it which represents the change you want to see.


You should think of some short-term change you really want to see. We are doing short term changes only because then you are able to see the results of your efforts.  Tape something to your pendulum which represents the thing you want to change.  Put the change you want to see on the outside of the circles as shown. Use your telekinesis skills to move the pendulum to the outside of the circle.  You should practice this as long as necessary until you are getting positive results consistently.  Make sure you are also practicing the previous stacked psiwheel exercise.

I cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining your journal and looking at it objectively every single day. You need to be able to determine objectively whether the event you are trying to manipulate really is being manipulated.  Please err on the side of caution while doing objective measurements of the results in your journal.

When you are confident that you are indeed causing short-term change using telekinesis in a consistent way, you may proceed to the next exercise.

If at any moment you feel sick, have a headache, or get dizzy, you should stop immediately and get medical attention if needed.  

Remember to record everything in your journal.

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