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Psionics, as a set of skills, provides the ability to manipulate the environment around you in accordance to your will.  This means that you can (with some restrictions) make changes to situations, living things, and inanimate objects as it is your will to.   Examples of abilities which often fit within the practice of psionics are telekinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, extra-sensory perception and out-of-body experiences.

Are You For Real?

Yes, we are for real. This is not a role-playing website. It is a free resource where you can learn real psychic abilities.

introduction to psionics

Where is the Proof?

Success is your proof.

Who Can Do Psionics?

Almost everyone is born with innate psychic capacity.

What is the Catch?

It takes a lot of effort. If this is something you really want to learn, you need to put effort into reading the materials on this site, and other related websites (don’t just read from one source, it’s important to have multiple perspectives). You need to think and meditate upon the ideas presented here and other places. You also need to compare these ideas with your belief structure/paradigm, and decide whether real psychic abilities are something you are willing to be open minded about, and whether learning them is something you wish to try.  If you decide to choose to learn psionics, you need to dedicate time and effort towards practicing and understanding the techniques and ideas behind the material.

How Do You Use Psychic Abilities?

How we actually do Psionics within our community is by thinking (or conversely, not thinking) certain things, applying a mental force, or making certain actions which cause desirable things to happen.  Now this sounds pretty vague. This is intentional.

Causing Change

One of the most important concepts in psionics is the idea of causing change. When we practice telekinesis, we wish to cause change to the environment by moving an object (such as a pencil or highlighter), in our real, physical reality. To do this, we need to have a will to make the highlighter move using our mind. This is one of the major factors that separates imagining a highlighter moving with telekinesis, from actually moving a highlighter using telekinesis.

what is psionics

How Do You Cause Change?

To make changes requires an internal action on your part. For example, when you go to the store, you first remind yourself internally that you need some groceries. Second, you decide to make an action – that is – to walk to your car with your keys, and drive to the store.

What does this have to do with doing Psionics exactly?  To make changes Psionically (for example, to move an object with telekinesis) you must also be able to think and make actions in a way that is intentional. To act intentionally means that you have a clear perception of what you are doing.  To be “intentional” is to be accurate in all of your pursuits or actions.

Why Are Intentional Acts Important?

When we talk about methods of how to do Psionics, we usually are speaking in terms of experience. We do not actually understand how Psionics works. We understand and work with it through the observations of its effects on ourselves and the environment around us.   Since we are not sure about a lot of how Psionics works, and are unsure of many things, it is best to try to explain Psionics by discussing it in terms of what we do understand.

Concept #1: We can work with symbols in a discrete or overt manner which represent what we want to happen, and this can be effective in making psychic things happen.

This brings us to one of the most fundamental points about Psionics.  Understand that every act you take, and everything you think acts as a symbol representing your intention.  To act intentionally is to recognize that everything you do can be effective in making psychic things happen.  It follows that without the proper discipline, it is possible to(and some people most certainly do) act and think in ways that directly contradict your goals(both psychically and psychologically).

Visualization Training

Concept #2: We appear to be doing Psionics all of the time, whether or not we are aware of it.

Now, this means that it is probably in your best interest to practice making your actions intentional, so that you aren’t mentally thwarting your efforts to get what you want.  Consider the following example of this destructive behavior, which you should try to avoid:

Consider that it is your goal to be seen as a professional by your peers at the workplace.  However, outside of the workplace, you conduct yourself in manners which are unkempt and unprofessional.  For example, you decide to do dishes at the last second, keep your house cluttered,  wear tennis shoes and jeans with rips in them on your days off.

The problem with this, from a Psionic perspective, is that the clutter and ripped jeans are themselves symbols which represent what you wish your reality to be like.   That is, clutter is seen as unprofessional and unkempt, but you are trying to be seen as professional in the workplace. These two actions are contradicting, and you are telling the universe, as well as yourself, that you don’t really have the will to be a professional.

What needs to also be understood here is that your attitude and thoughts affect you and your environment in negative and positive ways, and that Psionics should not be something you just sit down to do 30 minutes every day.  It is something that is done all of the time (whether intentional or not).

Introduction to Psionics

Thinking and Acting in the Appropriate Ways

A person is often able to engage in a psychic act by acting and thinking in certain ways.   Conveniently enough, you happen to be thinking and engaging in actions every single day of your life. As it turns out, you can make real, positive change with psionics in your life just by thinking and acting in appropriate ways, every single day.

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