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Well, you’ve successfully completed the beginners psychic exercises.  Good job!  This is where learning psychic skills begins to get fun.  You have a lot of choices on where to continue from here.  A lot of them depend on what you’re interested in.  There are many choices such as energy manipulation, telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, and other fun skills.

Here are some choices to help you get started:

A Construct

This is an artist’s depiction of a construct, used commonly in energy manipulation. Your constructs as a beginner and intermediate practitioner probably won’t be visible.


Energy Manipulation

Most successful psionics practitioners have at least some sort of skill in energy manipulation.  Energy manipulation is all about using your intent to cause change in the world around you.  You’ve already done some exercises in the beginners training area which can help you understand energy manipulation.    Energy manipulation is considered a fundamental psychic  skill for further success in Psionics.  Most psychic abilities need at least some experience with it.

Telekinesis Psiwheel

This is a psiwheel. It is used by many beginners to learn telekinesis.



Telekinesis is a skill that you can get started with now and have some success. However, don’t forget to become proficient at energy manipulation.  This will help you get past the beginning stages. If you have trouble moving past the psiwheel, take a look at energy manipulation, the thought exercises, and visualization exercises in addition to your normal practice.

Extra Sensory Perception

It’s recommended that you start with energy manipulation first and learn how to shield before working on extra sensory perception.

Extra Sensory Perception

You can get started with skills such as remote viewing now. You should understand and be able to apply energy manipulation concepts before practicing telepathy and skills related to telepathy.  Learning shielding will prove to be very beneficial towards you success.

Mind / Body

It is helpful to train your thought control skills at the same time that you are practicing mind and body skills.


Mind / Body

Mind / Body is a category that encompasses many skills related to altering your consciousness state.  These skills include astral projection, etheric projection (OBE), lucid dreaming, and meditation exercises.  It helps significantly to work on the thought control exercises in the beginner section while you are working on the mind / body exercises.  Training your mind is a fundamental psychic skill which can help you train the psychic abilities you want to learn.

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