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Exercise #8: Focus on One Aspect of an Object

Choose something in your room to focus on. Handheld objects such as pens, pencils, phones, coins, or soda cans seem to be better for this task.  Sit down in a quiet area where you will not be disturbed with the object you chose.  Spend 5 minutes focusing on the object.  What is meant when I say to focus on the object is that you should focus on one specific aspect of an object. An example here might be to focus on the material of the object, but nothing else.  


You want to focus on just one thing for the entire duration.  What you don’t want to do here is focus for a few moments on the material of the object, then spend a few moments thinking about the color of the object, then think about it moving(and so on, and so forth…)

Do this exercise for 5 minutes.  Count the number of breaks in focus you have.  Breaks in focus should include:

1. Staring at the object instead of thinking about an aspect of the object.
2. Thinking about something else.
3. Becoming distracted.
4. Thinking about multiple aspects of the object at different times during the practice.

You should practice this exercise until you can do it with less than 6 breaks in 15 minutes time.  Be sure to note the results in your journal.

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