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Very Basics of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)

Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), explained as a skill, can be defined as the ability to perform psychic phenomena involving knowledge one wouldn’t have through standard outlets of communication, senses, or through a third-party.  Extra-Sensory Perception may also simply be referred to as ESP (short for Extra-Sensory Perception), or frequently in scientific circles, anomalous cognition.  In our community, we simply call Extra-Sensory Perception by its name, or by its acronym, ESP.  The term is an umbrella term, that may be used to describe psychic or psionic abilities such as telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, precognition, retro-cognition, or even psychometry.

Realistic Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)

Claims of Extra-Sensory Perception sometimes deal with seemingly outstanding psychic events, such as the act of predicting lottery numbers which are worth many million dollars, precognition detailing every single play and action by a football team for many years, acts of remote viewing which psychically detail everything involving a crime scene, and so on.  Cases of these, while possible, are perhaps rare and unrealistic, especially for a beginner, or any normal user of ESP.

Realistic Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) claims by beginners include psychically or psionically predicting what your friend will order for lunch (telepathy), psychically predicting whether your teacher will give you a pop-quiz(if in school), gaining an accurate idea where your friend or relative might be at (remote viewing), finding a lost object (remote viewing), being able to tell what kind of household an item bought from ebay might have come from (psychometry), or  being able to tell about a persons basic details (this is called basic scanning, and might be considered obtrusive).

Most lab experiments involving psychic or psionic phenomena deal with the category of extra-sensory perception (ESP) than any other category of psionic or psychic phenomena.   Most lab experiments concerning Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), like lab experiments in many other fields, focus mainly on statistical analysis.  One of the most compelling debates concerning ESP at the current time seems to be whether or not significant lab evidence for it exists. At the time of writing, the most repeatable results are both statistical in nature, and those that show a small to moderate effect.

Telepathy: A Definition

Telepathy, a branch or subcategory of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), within the context of psychic skills, can be defined as an ability which involves reading ones thoughts or feelings.  Telepathy can be further categorized as empathy, which can be defined as the the ability to gain knowledge regarding how a person is feeling.  Beginners who practice realistic telepathy and/or empathy focus mainly on the ability to describe one’s thoughts or feelings to a general, rather than specific extent. Common ways of practicing telepathy involve guessing what an individual is about to do (though through transferrance), “pinging” somebody (discussed later), or  “guessing” correctly what one is about to order for lunch(again, through through transferrance). “Unrealistic” views for a beginner in telepathy involve physically “hearing” one’s thoughts or emotions.

Clairvoyance, What is It?

Clairvoyance, a branch or subcategory of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), within the context of psychic skills, can be defined as an ability which involves gaining information about a person, object, location, or physical event, while said information is currently hid or unknown to the person wishing or performing the extra-sensory perception (ESP) related act of Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance differs from telepathy in that information involving clairvoyanceis gained directly from an external source, while information in telepathy is transfered from one individual to another individual. Clairvoyance differs from Remote Viewing within parapsychological communities (we will get to this subject soon) in that remote viewing refers to a specific controlled process.  Subcategories of clairvoyance include precognition(the psychic ability to perceive the future accurately), retrocognition (sometimes referred to as “post-cognition”, the knowledge of a past event that one has gained through psychic or psionic means), clairaudience (acquiring of information psychically though auditary means), and clairsentience (gaining information psychically through means of touching, this differs from psychometry, which is discussed later). Beginners who practice realistic clairvoyance may psychically gain information about where to apply for a job (if part of the workforce), information that is most likely to be on an exam (if attending school), may know how to present oneself most favorably to an interviewer, to appeal to his/her tastes, or perhaps is able to gain information through psychic means about what a friend will wear to dinner.

Remote Viewing Introduction

Remote Viewing (abbreviated RV), a branch or subcategory of Extra-Sensory Perception(ESP), within the context of psychic skills, can be defined as the psionic ability to gain information about a target object, though psychic means.  Usually, a remote viewer gains information about the location of a target object, which cannot be seen physically, though a specific systematic process.  Remote viewing is done with coordinates(explained later) most frequently, and sometimes, without the aid of coordinates.  Beginners who practice realistic remote viewing usually can pick out general data about an object using coordinates, such as its shape or feel, or the basics about the location, such as the general color of the location, or feeling, but can usually cannot name specifics about the object with concrete, repeatable accuracy.  Such accuracy of this psychic / psionic event gain be gained though practice.

Token-Object Reading (Previously Known As “Psychometry”): A Definition

Token-Object Reading (Psychometry) is a branch of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) concerned with the psychic or psionic knowledge concerning the history of an object or its owner, which is gained by touching the object.  This ability, although debated infrequently within our community, may be used by a psychic / psionic individual who wishes to gain information about the history of a house, or how a certain object has affected a certain individual.  The beginner who practices realistic token-object reading (psychometry) may be able to pick out general, rather than specific details about an object with relative accuracy.

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