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Ah, yes…., This is another one of those categories that people tend to overlook, that is crucial to being a successful psionic practitioner(a psion).

Advice for Studying Psychic Abilities

Psionics is a very introspective field.  Different things work for different people, and there is a lot of “misguided” information out there.  As someone who studies psychic abilities, you’ll be expected to do your own research, to formulate your own conclusions regarding the research of others and what it means to your practice, and formulate your own methods to attain personal goals.



> Double-check information given by other psionic practitioners.
> Do your own research, formulate your own conclusions based on the progress recorded in your psychic journal and external research done by others and within the field of parapsychology.
> Try many different methods and record your outcomes.
> Realize there is more than one “right” answer, but some answers may be better for you than others.
> Make a psychic journal.


> Read one article or one course and take it as “gospel”
> Limit yourself to content mentioned on this website and related websites. Seek out some books and varied perspectives.
> Forget to record your experiences in your psychic journal.

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