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Exercise #2: Make Your Practice Object

Creating a Psiwheel

The above video was authored by Saintbob.

Materials Needed

1. A piece of paper

2. Scissors

3. A pin or needle (be careful)

4. An eraser, or something else to stick the needle into.  If you have nothing to stick the needle into here, you can just choose any malleable surface and use tape.


Step 1


Get a piece of paper and cut it into a square as shown.  Square that are 2 inches by 2 inches are around the right size.

Step #2


Fold along the dotted lines as shown. You want to fold horizontally and vertically in one direction, but fold diagonally in the other direction.

Step #3


You want to push inward where all of the diagonal folds are at, but not where the horizontal and vertical folds are at.

Step #4


This image should look something like your psiwheel(from above) so far. If it does not, redo the exercise to figure out where you went wrong, or view Saintbobs instructional video at the top of the page.

Step #5


This is what the top of the psi wheel looks like. At this point in time you should grab your needle or pin(while being careful), and your eraser.

Step #6


If you haven’t already done so, grab your needle and eraser. Place the top of the psi wheel on the needle as shown.

Step #7


Gently and carefully place the pin/needle into the eraser. If you do not have an eraser, grab a surface and a piece of tape. Gently poke a hole into the surface. Secure the pin in place on the bottom side using a piece of tape.

Step #8


Visually inspect the psi wheel and make sure it looks at least somewhat like the psi wheel in the image above. Also, carefully make sure that the top of the psi wheel spins freely on the needle.

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