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Exercise #2: Make Your Practice Object

Creating a Pendulum


Materials Needed

1. A pendulum


A weight that you can hang from a string.

2.  A string if your pendulum does not have one

3. Something to hang the pendulum from. You can make your own surface, or just use the ceiling.

4. Tape


These directions are for people who decided not to buy a pendulum, and instead decided to build a pendulum.

Step 1

Grab a key and a string. Tie the key to the string in such a way that the key does not lean to one side.

Step 2

Decide whether you are going to tape the pendulum to the ceiling or not. Not taping it to the ceiling has the benefit that its easier to use the pendulum to get what you want(hint: look at the image for some ideas ). The negative is that its harder to make.


I will talk more about how to use psychokinesis to ace that exam of yours later (When it is more appropriate).

Step #3

If you are going to tape the pendulum to the ceiling, do so and you are done.  If you are interested in that image above and the prospect of using telekinesis to get what you want, then construct a setup similar to the one below.

How to set up a pendulum

You don’t actually need the circle bead at the top of the pendulum. You can just tape it to the surface. The reason why it is there is to illustrate the point that you need to make sure you tape the pendulum to the surface in such a way that your pendulum will absolutely not swing in a biased way.  Check its movement carefully to make sure after you have secured the pendulum to the bridge-type surface.

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  • alt_example

    James Widing April 21, 2015 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    I have found that lightly holding a plastic drinking straw allows one to feel how strong your pulling and pushing telekentically as feedback unlike the chain on the pendulum which gives away to add to its motion. The lighter the straw the better.

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