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Exercise #2: Make Your Practice Object

Creating a Floating Device


Materials Needed

1. A piece of paper

2. Water

3. A Bowl

4. Scissors


Step 1

Grab a piece of paper.   Cut it into a rectangle that is about half of the size it is currently.  I have illustrated this(quite crudely) in the image below.  You are doing this because you don’t want a paper boat that is too big to actually maneuver around in the bowl.


Step 2

Fold the paper in half along the dotted line below. After you are done, unfold it again so that there is only a crease where you folded the paper in this step.


Step 3

Make two corner folds so that they line up in the middle (as shown below).


Step 4

 Fold up the bottom flap so that it looks almost like a hat (see the image below).


Step 5

Fold the other flap up too, but make sure you fold it so that it is not on the same side as the flap you folded up in step 4.  After you are done with that, fold over the edges of the flaps which are sticking out(look at the dotted lines)


Step 6

Bring the corners of the paper together so that the paper looks like a diamond. Fold so that the diamond shape is permanent.  It is easier to make the diamond shape if you open up the paper slightly(from the bottom) first.


Step 7

Fold upwards, along the dotted line until the paper looks like a triangle again.


Step 8

Put the two corners of your triangle together so it looks like a diamond again.



Step #9

Pull on the left and right corners of the diamond paper and that should reveal the boat.


Step #10

Your boat should be finished. Get a larger bowl and fill it with water. Place the boat on top of it and verify that the boat floats. 

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