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Exercise #1: Choose Your Practice Object

If you are practicing telekinesis, you have to have an object you actually want to practice on.  

Option #1: The Psiwheel


Traditionally, the most common choice was a psi wheel. A psi wheel is a pinwheel device which spins on a needle. The idea here is that you want to telekinetically spin it.   This object has fallen into disfavor recently. However, I’m going to go over the pros and cons of using this as your practice object so you can choose for yourself.


1. The very small amount of friction in the movement of the device makes it easy to move using telekinesis by unskilled beginners.

2. The device is very easy to create yourself (I will give you instructions later on how to do this).

3. There are a lot of videos of people practicing telekinesis on this on the internet, because it used to be the most popular practice object in the past.


1. Movement may easily be mistaken as wind.

2. You may mistake wind movement as telekinesis.

3. Movement may be from heat on your hands or other heating element, not telekinesis

4. It’s very easy to breathe on it, unintentionally causing movement.

Solution to Some of the Cons

1. Don’t use your hands when practicing.

2. Use a cover on the psiwheel to prevent airflow. Don’t move this back and forth throughout your practice because it is possible to cause static friction.

Option #2: The Pendulum


A pendulum is basically a weight carefully tied to a string, which is hung from a ceiling or something similar.  This is what I chose when I started practicing telekinesis. Traditionally, this wasn’t a very popular choice.  However, using something that is less susceptible to being blown on or unintentionally moved is starting to become a more popular concept.  


1. It is easy to tell whether or not you are doing telekinesis with this, since it’s hard to accidentally move it.

2. It is easier to measure and mark precise movements.

3. The pendulum is commonly used for clairvoyance-type applications. It may be helpful to practice on a familiar object for telekinesis.

4. It’s easy to make.


1. Seems to have more friction depending on how it is made.  It might be harder for some beginners.

2. Not a lot of people use these, so there isn’t a lot of videos or materials you can look to for help.

Option #3: Something Floating on Water


A natural choice here is a paper boat. Instructions on how to make one will be presented later in the guide. 


1. It’s fun.

2. Paper boats don’t have a lot of friction. In some cases, this makes doing telekinesis easy for the beginner.

3. You can create obstacle courses for the paper boat.


1. Not a lot of people have videos of using these at the time of writing because paper boats don’t seem to be a popular choice.

2. Paper boats may be susceptible to the same cons as a psi wheel. That is, you can blow on it accidentally.

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