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1) Propagandizing/Influencing Crowds. Broadcasting can be used to influence large crowds, because it can send information in a “field” around someone. This would be done the same way as Suggesting, discussed later (VIII A).
2) Releasing information to Groups. This method is extremely useful for releasing information to an area or a group, as it is much more efficient than Sending to each person.
3) Panicked Communication. Although this is not usually the purpose, even Nons have an easy time broadcasting, as it is a natural survival method. Humans instinctively broadcast emergencies, whether they like it or not, which can be a good or bad thing.


One method for Broadcasting is very simply “mentally shouting.” If you’re familiar with your mental voice, and we all should be, because it is the fundamental basis of human thought, this is simply changing that voice from a normal talk to a LOUD SHOUTING. If done properly, there should be a pressure or rising feeling at or moving to the top of the head. This may take a while to develop, but shouldn’t be longer than a matter of seconds.

Another method of Broadcasting is something we do very often. Stewing, or thinking single mindedly about a single thing, is a form of broadcasting, and should be picked up by various sensitives and even semi-sensitive Nons in the area.

The third and final method is one you’ve been expecting is simply Sending at a region.

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