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Awareness is fundamental in psionics, but is often skipped for the more fascinating skills. The understanding of it assumed, the measure of it not examined, the parameters of it unexplored. The very bases of psi, and the most neglected . Many people assume your awareness is gained through practice. This is partly true, but such task is a difficult process when one can’t clarify the results in psionics. Not knowing the extent of their awareness, a solid idea of what is and is not within the human range of physical perception, leaves the person unsure as to whether or not their results in practice are good perception of physical but usually not noted phenomenon, psionic function, or their imagination. Not knowing the extent of their awareness, a solid idea of what is and is not within the human range of physical perception, may confuse one on whether or not their results from practices are truly happening. In the end,many people may practice in doubt andor through ignorance. Never knowing if they’re even progressing. A situation that should be avoided. However, there is no way one can truly define the line of what is real and what isn’t, but being able to accuratly acknowledge what is being perceived can help immensely in psionics.

To be aware is to acknowledge all the information around you. Weak, strong, physical, Non-physical, illusion, or reality. All aspects of information and probably even more. We all pick it up, however we have natural filters that’ll push aside useless information. Our minds work to be efficient, so it’ll ignore weak or irrelevant information that is bombarded on us daily. Now, I’m sure many are protesting, “But some people complain about telepathic or empathic overloads!” Indeed, nobody behaves the same. Some are more Sensitive than others, however, both sensitive and insensitive can still work on the same start.

Think of sensitivity as a series of rivers and your mind a body of water. If you had no Control mechanism or a way to Block flow or direct it to another direction, a flood happens. Nobody likes a flood. So, to naturally balance this out, we have beavers to control the flow of water through their dam-like homes, in comparison, this act could be our natural defenses. We have an instinctive ability to ignore or reduce input, but, like an ecosystem, the more rain or human influences, the harder it is for that natural defense to work.

Each person is different and some may have free running rivers of information. How did this person develop this? Genetics? Luck? Environment? Practice? Probably a combination of all this. Most non-practitioners have a natural defense. Many are raised not to believe in psychic phanomonam, so, in turn, they are less likely to pick up information that are incoming. So, it’ll be harder to do anything to a non-practitioner, especially if they’re aware you’re doing something as you have to fight against willpower. By willpower, I mean that people will continually enforce a specific ‘reality’ like “Oh, fake, fake, fake. He can’t do anything” such resistance will hinder your success rate. They reject your information, and, depending on the situation, even make probability to go against you. Now, what about those who have developed sensitivity without a single belief in psionics? Again, those factors I listed plays heavily so I can’t pinpoint what can and cannot. However, I like to associate psychology factors of mental illnesses development with psionics since psionics is dependent on one’s mind. So, read a psychology book if you want to go deeper into understanding on the possible causes(not to say that should be the only reason to pick up a book on psychology).

Now, hopefully, with the information I’ve presented, you should be understanding where I’m going with this. Your sensitivity is gouged on how much you pull awareness to yourself and around you. Being able to feel what your surrounding and able to understand your mind and emotion will help you improve on sensitivity. Doing daily Meditation and describing every single feeling you receive, either from the inside and outside. All of it. Write them down if you have to. How it will help your sensitivity? It helps by allowing you to become a bit more aware of how you perceive information around you, by that, I mean, knowing how something feels. Don’t worry, it makes more sense when you sit down and meditate on the objective. Although, listing all of what you feel will set you on the beginning path(which is really a need), in order to advance, you have to get more involved with the practice. Allowing yourself to expand outside of yourself and try to cover more Ground. If you have someone to that you trust and can practice with, you can have him or her send a psiball without your knowledge of where and have you sense it. Later on, you can come up with more advance practices or do more daring practices, like blind fold yourself and try to navigate with feeling alone. Now, don’t limit yourself to what I say. Really, in the end, you’ll probably do less practice and more managing your sensitivity.

Before I state ways of managing sensitivity for those who are dedicated practitioners or those who are lucky, perhaps unlucky, to have high sensitivity. All of what I will say may or may not work for you. As well, I’m trying to cover all grounds, regardless of my opinion on the subject. The simple and most taught to beginners, especially those who are going into the field of Telepathy and Empathy, are shields. What are shields? They’re energetic fields that one can use to manage input and output information. Basically, they’re the man-made dams on rivers as they can control more than your natural beaver dams, however, they last and work for so long depending on how well it’s made and maintained. How would one make one? Well, I won’t go through all the details and steps as this isn’t a shield article, but, for the most, if you’re doing mental visualization, you can simply visualize a strong net, like an air Filter, and concentrate on the idea that it will stop incoming or out coming information, depending on the situation. You don’t necessarily have to follow this method, you can do what you feel is right. You may even use tactile visualization, but there isn’t much I can say for that. If you know how to do that, you should have a basic idea on how to make a filter with tactile. However, I don’t recommend anybody to develop a dependency on filters and shields. They work, yes, but I find them like a crutch or somebody’s protective bubble. Something someone can’t leave without. I feel there are other, better ways. I will not discourage the use of filters, but don’t become dependent on them.

Now, after saying that, I’m sure you’re wondering what other ways I’m talking about. One way is what I do. I developed a way to control my sensitivity tunnels. If I assign someone or something to be important enough to be acknowledged and accepted, I will take its information in. However, that doesn’t mean I can just dial to max and take in all information around me. Doesn’t work quite like that. I think of it as adding notches to the dial, each improvement to my sensitivity is an added notch. How do I do this? I can’t exactly say. I’m still experimenting and understanding this. I believe my source is willpower. Being able to will your intake of input or reducing your output. However, as much as I can do it, I have no real technique or way to practice. I started out with the idea that denying other’s outputs to using willpower to deny other’s tampering of probability and outputs. Either way, it’s all sketchy as far as what I’m doing. Best way to see if you can achieve this, is follow my steps and not use shields and try to control your awareness. Shame that I can’t be more detailed about this. I find it handier than shields. I’m sure there are many more defenses and management systems out there, but this is basics and I don’t know everything.

How does sensitivity and awareness help with psionics? It contributes in allowing you to understand what you are perceiving. Let’s say you are learning a new language. You could jump right in and try to speak it and understand, but find yourself very lost and have to find someone that is able to translate what is being communicated to you. In a sense, that is what is happening to most beginners who jump right into the skills. They are lost and have to have a scanner or someone to clarify their results. They can’t translate what is presented to them. Trying to understand, develop, and control your awareness and sensitivity will grant you the ability to translate the information better without having someone who is fluent, so to speak. In a language, the more you learn about the grammar and spelling, the greater your chance to understand core concepts and mentally translating the language, it’s very much the same in psionics. Only harder as psionics isn’t entirely defined on liable facts. However, practice makes perfect. After a while of using psionics, you are more defined in your awareness. To the point, where it’s second nature and have deep understanding of what is and what isn’t.

I believe I have said all that is needed and usable. Thank you for reading this and I hope you learned enough to set your path on developing your awareness and sensitivity. Having the understanding and ability to control and develop will greatly help with psionics. Remember, there is more to awareness, I just covered enough for anybody that is new or needing more information on sensitivity and awareness. Go out and do some proper research for all of psionics. Knowledge is power and power keeps things moving.

– Neveza

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